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    Wow and i thought you would be happy for Raiden being in it.

    Meh... now if it was Snake.
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    He would be great as a DLC character....After Crash & Spyro :D
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    As long as its classic Crash.
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    I don't really mind but if he ever will be a DLC character i'm hoping for his Crash Twinsanity design.
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    Played this last Saturday with my Brother and Sister, I tried a few characters and just mashed some buttons hoping I could do some damage.
    We didn't practice, as it was more fun to just jump in there and hurt stuff.

    I started out with Jak, not really that interesting just like in the games. Then I was Ratchet, taking people down with a well placed Ryno was really fun with music and everything. Then it was Nathan Drake, he is my Favourite so far, he just have some fun and interesting moves. I was then the chick from Heavenly Sword, yes I don't even bother to remember her name as I don't know the game either. :)

    We didn't play for long but the game was really fun, just a little sad that there is no single player co-op campaign like Super Smash had, that was my favorite part of it.
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    I finally got the PS All-Stars Platinum trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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    I just recently discovered that Super Smash Bros. for N64 is called "Nintendo All-Star! Great Melee Smash Brothers" in Japan.
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    All-Star is a pretty generic and obvious descriptor for this sort of crossover
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    Chyron8472 wrote: »
    I just recently discovered that Super Smash Bros. for N64 is called "Nintendo All-Star! Great Melee Smash Brothers" in Japan.

    I am so glad that got shortened in the translation.
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    So Issac from Dead Space and Zeus from God of War has been announced as DLC :/.

    Yeah as you can tell i'm sorta dissapointed by this. Issac is fine but Zeus? Really? From all the Playstation series you pick Zeus? If they really wanted another villain in the game then why not go with Dr.Nefarious from Ratchet & Clank? Dr.Nefarious could have a great move set and some great supers but no instead we get Zeus who sounds like hes just going to be another overpowered character like Kratos :/. It just feels like Zeus was included just because God of War Ascention is coming out soon :/.
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    It just feels like Zeus was included just because God of War Ascention is coming out soon :/.
    ...and? This surprises you? It's Sony. PLEASE.

    Also, it's AscenSion. PLEASE get a spell-check!

    Anyway. Fairly happy Isaac's in there. I liked Dead Space, and he should be quite interesting to play.
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    I forgot to mention that there was a Medievil/The Unfinished Swan stage announced with the DLC. I will admit the stage looks pretty damn good.
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    I forgot to mention that there was a Medievil/The Unfinished Swan stage announced with the DLC. I will admit the stage looks pretty damn good.

    Why is it both? Why can't there just be stages?
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    Well you can buy the stage by itself. You can buy one character as well if you don't want the other one. Its just the characters and the stage will come out on the same day.
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    Just wondering but who does everyone usually use when they play, I usually play as Sly,Ratchet,Jak,Good Cole,PaRappa and Kat.
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    Ice Climbers.
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    Ribs wrote: »
    Ice Climbers.
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    Chyron8472 wrote: »
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    It's a clever idea. I wish more game companies
    Speaking of which, where's my Inventory sequel? :p

    Well Poker Night at the Inventory 2 has been announced :D
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    Why the pissing twat are there no god damn figures of the character's!
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    Just thought i would mention it here but I've been working on a PS All-Stars story on the official PS All-Stars forums. The first 2 parts are not that good in my opinion because i was using a sort of summary style because i was not intending to actually come up with a full on story and just wanted to throw out a suggestion on how it could work. On part 3 it starts to go to a better style of writing. Anyway check it out if you want and tell me what you think :)
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    Well its been announced that an all new line of statues based on the All-Stars is coming with Jak first
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    Will there be a Spike one!!
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    More than likely yes, don't know about Raiden though considering they won't even put on any third party characters DLC including the costumes or themes :/
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    Well its been announced that Insert Coin are making PaRappa the Rapper clothes and a hat.
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    A while back I made up with a moveset for Crash on the PS All-Stars Forums so if its Ok I thought I would repost it here and see what everyone's thoughts on it is.

    Crash Bandicoot

    Rival-Spyro the Dragon

    Arcade mode
    Crash,Coco,Crunch, and Aka Aka are relaxing inside their house when suddenly the power starts to go out all over the island and N.Sanity island begins to turn dark with it all 4 of the heroes knowing it is Dr.Neo Cortex and Uka Uka who was after the power crystals. Aka Aka being able to sense the elemental masks he figues out that Cortex and Uka Uka has once again recruited the help of the elementals. Wasting no time the 4 rush off to Coco's warp room where Crash & Aka Aka jump into a portal to find a power strong enough to once again stop Cortex and save N.Sanity island.

    Rival Cutscene:
    The cutscene begins with Aka Aka saying to Crash that he senses a strange force like magic. Crash nods and points over to a purple dragon and a yellow dragonfly beside him. Spyro says to Sparx how he was hoping to get a holiday after once again defeating Ripto after his latest revenge plan. Aka confuses Spyro for one of Cortex's projects much like Crash, Crunch, and The Evil Twins. Spyro defending himself saying that he has no idea what the mask is talking about. Aka Aka sees Spyro holding one of the power crystals which The Professor had found before. Spyro then telling Aka not to be so quick to judge and to leave with his pet before he had to get serious. Aka then tells Crash to stop Spyro.

    Crash and Aka jump back out of the portal landing back in the warp room. Coco asks did they manage to find the power crystals but Aka replys that they unfortunely did not but they have managed to gain a great power that he has never sensed before and then Crash runs back into a portal with a blue glow more powerful than ever and ready to recovery the power crystals.

    Square-Crash does a punch, (x3 times Crash does a punch combo)
    Square and foward-Crash does a short spin
    Square and up-Crash does an uppercut
    Square and down-Crash does a body slam,

    Circle-Holding Circle allows Crash to rocket jump into the air.
    Circle and foward-Crash does a slide int oa enemy, Like Nate
    Circle and down-Crash digs underground and can jump out and attack but a atack like Jak's dive will force Crash out.
    Circle and up-Crash uses his Jetpack to attack, like Sackboy

    Triangle-Crash does a longer and more powerful spin but is stuck in place and if its spammed Crash will get dizzy and by stunned for 3 seconds
    Triangle and foward-Crash does a Crash Dash and does a punch,
    Triangle and up-Crash throws a wumpa fruit into the air.
    Triangle and down-Crash digs a hold into the ground fast and plants a nitro crate which works like a mine.

    Level 1-
    Crash Bashed-A Crystal appears near Crash and Crash does an extremely powerful and fast Crash Dash killing anyone in his way to the crystal.
    Polar Push-Polar suddenly appears, Crash jumps up on and they do a short dash
    Super body slam-Crash does a body slam which sends out a small shockwave

    Level 2:
    Polar chases-Crash and Polar start chasing everyone and anyone that is hit by them are killed.
    Helping hand-Coco appears with her tiger and both start attacking, like Heihachi's lvl 2

    Level 3:
    Dance party!-Crash begins dancing while Aka and Coco activate a machine which forces enemies to dance like Crash, Crunch then tosses Crash the fruit bazooka and it goes into fps mode where Crash can shoot wumpa fruit to kill enemies while they are forced to dance.
    Start dodgeing-Crash sends out a pile of TNT & Nitro crates everywhere while every attack he uses is a one hit KO, Crash also uses a faster version of the Crash sneak so he is not effected by the tnt crates.
    Crystal Crazy-Coco teleports Crash a crystal which Crash then uses to hypotise his enemies and force them to do the Crash dance with him. Coco and Chunch then end the super by shooting Cortex's old laser into the enemies killing all enemies.

    Default costume-Old School (His Crash Twinsanity design)
    Level 10 unlockable costume-Evil Crash
    1st DLC Costume-Terminator Crash (His costume on the cover art of Crash 3)
    2nd DLC Costume-Explorer Crash costume (His explorer costume from Crash Team Tag Racing)

    Want this?-Crash pulls out a crystal and shakes it and then it disappears
    Can ya do this?- Crash does a handstand, walks a little and jumps back to his feet
    Wanna Dance?-Crash does the Crash dance

    Warped-A portal opens up and Crash is thrown out of it. He then smiles and gets ready.
    Ready!-Crash is sitting sleeping on the floor, he wakes up and gets ready.
    Thanks!-Coco rids in with Crash on her tiger, Crash jumps off and waves to Coco.
    Riding with Crunch-Crunch drives in with Crash on the jeep from Crash The Wrath of Cortex.

    Snack Time?-Crash eats a wumpa fruit and smiles
    (Losing version)- Crash is dizzy while a wumpa fruit hits him on the head
    Got what i needed-Crash smiles and throws a crystal in the air like he does when he beats a level in Crash 2,3 and Wrath of Cortex
    (Losing version):Crash sits on the ground sad like he does when he loses all his lives before he finishes a level in Crash 2,3 and Wrath of Cortex,
    Want more?-Crash looks off to the side smileing while doing fake punches to his defeated enemies.
    (Losing version)-Crash is on the ground beaten while Aka Aka turns into feathers like he does when Crash takes a hit. Aka then reappears in an Aka Aka box that suddenly appears behind Crash.
    Victory Dance!-Crash does the Crash dance while Aka Aka smiles at Crash.
    (Losing version)-Crash trips himself when he attempts to do the dance and hurts himself while Aka Aka looks disappointed.

    Unlockable minion:Coco
    1st DLC minion:Crunch
    2nd DLC minion:Aka Aka
    3rd DLC minion (If there is going to be anymore dlc minions): Polar or Cortex
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    Am I the only one who feels that PS All-Stars online is starting to see things you would find in COD?

    There is the assholes who spam online and have basically destroyed Ranked Match with all their spamming moves bullshit. Then there is the teabagging. Seriously Teabagging in a fighting brawler? Ugh this has become COD.

    Lastly Kratos & Raiden remain almost unchanged even though since launch they were regarded as the most overpowered characters and yet they still don't get a nerf to balance them.

    Sorry for ranting here but its just my thoughts. Characters like Kratos and Raiden remain overpowered while characters like Jak,Spike, and Sir Dan are underpowered and require skill to play.
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    Anyone want some bad news? Along with Dart and most likely to believed to be Abe who was cancelled. They cancelled a Gravity Rush/Journey stage. Here's the thread on the PS All-Stars forums where there is screenshots of the cancelled stage.
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    How big are the statues anyway cos they are priced a hell of a lot.
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    I have no idea.

    In PS All-Stars news which Coolsome will most likely like. The third Raiden,Dante,Big Daddy, and Heidachi costumes will come out on the 27th of August for free for the US and most likely the 28th of August for EU. A new patch will come in the fall along with the third Zeus & Issac costumes which will also be free.

    Unfortunely there is bad news as well. There won't be any new characters or stages.

    No more characters and stages:

    The news on the patch and costumes:
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    Honestly, given how little I've heard of this game since it came out, I'm amazed they're making new stuff at all.
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    Well guess what! A new PS All-Stars game has come out. Its a mini game collection for IOS and Android called Playstation All-Stars Island. It is sponsored by Coke Zero and only out in the EU right now.

    There are 4 playable games (But only one is available as of this time.) The games are based on Uncharted (Which is the only playable one right now), inFamous, LBP Karting, and Gravity Rush with Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank have a cameo where they help out in certain mini games.

    Btw I'm not kidding, I've played it on my IPad today and here's a link to prove its real.

    [url] [/url]
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    Well its been announced that Insert Coin are making PaRappa the Rapper clothes and a hat.

    They should make an Ape Escape hat in the style of there helmets. They can sell 3 that way and only change a small amount of colour.
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