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Sympathy for the cancer patients ?

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So now we know that the cancer patients never meant to harm Lee and the group but Vernon wanted the boat and he proved to be a bad apple .
So should we feel sorry for them , or continue to hate them ?
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  • I felt sorry for Boyd. :'(
  • Boyd was the only one who showed remorse,the others didn't regret what they were doing. As Lee Said "Fuck'em, saints or sinners, cancer or no cancer, they were people who knew what they were doing". Then Kenny perfectly captured the scene when he said "Yeah Fucking us".
  • I hate them all except Boyd. It felt good, in a strange kind of way, to hear that Vernon got what was coming to him for stealing the boat in the first place.
  • No sympathy for you!

    Don't get me wrong, cancer is terrible, but (at least in this fictional setting) it kinda takes a back seat to the horrors of the zombie apocalypse.

    It sucks, I know. But I've been through my share of hardships too. So don't expect me to casually shrug it off when you hijack my g-darn boat.

  • Nothing would have changed if they hadn't stolen the boat...
    Lee would have still turned Kenny still would have died and then they wouldn't really have had time to actually use the boat before they all died...
    Vernon saved Omid's life and probably helped the group more then he hindered it...
  • Boyd seems like a good guy, but a pushover. I'm glad Vernon got what was coming to him but Joyce and definitely Clive seem less defendable.
  • Boyd is epic but the rest are assholes.

    Ill give Clive some slack because he has an Afro
  • I don't hate them all, maybe Vernon but the rest are okay I guess, Boyd is the one I respect, shame that he is the only one that can die.
  • Boyd is epic but the rest are assholes.

    Ill give Clive some slack because he has an Afro
    same for me.
  • I agree, he is so right.
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