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Future "400 day's esque" Idea's and character stories.

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So if Telltale realises how sucsessful 400 day's does and continues making survivor stories set on different days. I have a few ideas to submit if that's okay. Now these characters will have episode long stories so the stories can have time to flesh out and stuff okay..

Cassandra - 50 days In

You play as a female survivor, she's an African american 5'11 British citizen, Around 22 years old. Who moved to America a few days before the outbreak to see her brothers. The catch? her brother is a 11 year old wheelchair bound boy suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease (The same condition Stephen Hawking has) He communicates with a voice computer program and has a very close connection with his sister. Before all this,he spent his life in an apartment with a single mother, however when the outbreak began, he mother left, leaving Cassandra and the brother behind.

The goal in this story is to survive two days in the apartment, this will introduce a new system I thought of "Stamina" basically, this will be exclusive to this story only, you can choose to adventure out and run into a scenario to get food and supplies, but lose stamina, this will effect you condition in QTE's etc. the lower the stamina the harder the QTE will be.

Think of this as a "Clementine-Lee" relationship, with many situations arising from this, since your brother is defenseless.

Alfred "Ally" Misha. - 99 days in

Meet Alfred, a 18 year old punk kid, who spends all his nights partying, it was untill long for the outbreak to hit that he realised a change was needed, the first chapter starts with him drunk in the latest club he was in, being thrown out onto the streets, just as a herd of zombies are attacking citizens left and right, this will introduce a new system of "run and dodge" the screen will be focused on the front of him, as you run towards the screen, dodging various objects, if you slow down, the herd will catch you eventually.

chapter two will take place 99 days in, camping alone in the woods, Alfred meets a strange man, who tells tales from an old group he was with. little does alfred know, this was a trap to capture him and take him to a camp full of cannibals, in this situation, you play as alfred who has to sneak around camp, taking out guards one by one, similar to the sneaking section in episode one.

This is just one of few ideas I have, if you want to hear more, please show interest, be sure to share any "stores" you have, and feel free to ask if you want me to expand on any of them.
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