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Fight At The Inventory

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I have been thinking yesterday after I saw the trailer for Poker Night at the Inventory 2 of a possible Telltale fighting game and I know that will never happen but I can imagine what i'd be like .
Max , Strongbad , Tycho and Heavy are playing cards then Skunkape shows up and tells them to take a hike , Max punches him and everyone freaks out and the brawl begins .

Grandpa Stinky
Flint Paper
The Cheat
Duncan McBiscuit
Monty Muzzle
Guybrush Threepwood
Morgan Leflay
Marquis Desinge
Nelson Tethers
Jim Ingraham
Sheriff Bahg
Barnsley Noble
Marty Mcfly
Doc Brown
Biff Tannen
Kid Tannen
Edna Strickland
Gerry Harding
Jess Harding
Billy Yoder
Rey Curtis
Olivia Benson
Mike Logan
Lenny Briscoe
Jack Mccoy
Abby Carmichael
Michael Cutter
Lee Everett
And that's it , I want to hear your opinions , agree/disagree and what other characters would you like to appear in this imaginary game .
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  • Hey, no problem! I love your ideas, too. :)
  • Telltale should talk to SuperBot or Santa Monica about getting a Telltale character in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

    Lee, maybe? Strong Bad? Sam and Max are also good choices.
  • The Endings
    Sam - The Narrator gives Sam a trip to a fudge freeze factory
    Max - he gives Max 1000 boxes of corndogs and all of them are expired , but Max doesn't care and eats them anyway
    Bosco - he gives Bosco a letter and it says ' happy birthday ' Bosco reads it out loud and and the mariachis appear and sing which causes Bosco to have a heart attack and Larry saying " hurts doesn't it "
    Sybil - he gives Sybil two tickets to Isla Nublar for her and Abe's honeymoon and he doesn't tell her about the dinosaurs because he wants to keep it a surprise for them .
    Grandpa Stinky - he gives him a Uzbetian Blood Cake Surprise and when he eats it he dies and then we learn that Girl Stinky put poison in the cake .
    Skunkape - he gives Skunkape a planet for him to rule and it is Pluto which disappoints him
    Papierwaite- he gives Papierwaite the treasures of Yog-Soggoth and when he opens them , he finds soup recipes from the dark dimension
    Flint Paper - he gives Flint Paper a machine gun and it is Sasha , when Heavy finds out hell breaks loose
    Strongbad - he gives Strongbad the cheat codes for Snake Boxer 6 as an apology from Telltales but it turns out to be fake
    The Cheat - he gives him his own show but it doesn't last to long
    Homestar - he gives Homestar a coin
    Wallace - he gives Wallace " The Greatest Inventor " award but the trophy is made out of chocolate
    Gromit - he gives Gromit a restraining order
    Duncan Mcbiscuit - he gives him a new golf club but it is a fake
    Monty Muzzle - he gives Monty food stamps because he can't give him million dollars
    Guybrush Threepwood - he gives Guybrush a sea biscuit
    Elaine - he gives Elaine a beautiful diamond but it turns her into a statue
    Morgan Leflay - he gives Morgan a legendary pirate hunter sword but the sword turns into dust because it was very old
    Lechuck - he gives Lechuck one day date with Elaine
    Marquis Desinge - he gives him the elixir of eternal life but it turns out to be tomato juice and he is very allergic to tomato juice
    Nelson Tethers - he gives Nelson a new puzzle but he can't find the answer and the Narrator tells him that the answer is " The Devil's Playhouse "
    Jim Ingraham - he gives Jim a new job as a puzzle bodyguard
    Sheriff Bahg - he gives him a puzzle machine which turns into a giant robot and squashes him
    Hector - he gives Hector a new pair of pants
    Lambert - he gives Lambert the " crybaby" badge
    Barnsley Noble - he gives a new happy town for him to live in and it is Macon
    Marty Mcfly - he gives him tickets to a ACDC concert but the concert takes place in " 13 Octomber 2019"
    Doc Brown - he gives him plutonium but it explodes in his face
    Biff Tannen - he gives Biff a watch and it is the Citizen-plus watch and he becomes a zombie
    Kid Tannen - he gives Kid a free jail card
    Edna Strickland - he gives Edna a paper which seals her lips so she can shut up
    Jennifer - he gives her a guitar but it is a toy actually
    Gerry Harding - he gives Gerry a new job in Savannah in which he has to feed the animals , and those animals are the walkers
    Jess Harding - he gives her a new trip to Isla Nublar but she refuses after last time
    Nima - he gives her a new location for her and her daughter and it is in Clappers Wreake
    Billy Yoder - he gives Billy a priceless treasure , if he returns it to the government he wins a big sack of cash but the treasure is a cereal box
    Oscar - he gives Oscar cigarettes
    Ray Curtis - he gives Ray a box of donuts and a cup of coffee
    Olivia Benson , Mike Logan , Lennie Briscoe - same like Ray
    Jack Mccoy - he gives Jack a non-guilty verdict for a criminal
    Abby Carmichael , Michael Cutter - same like Jack
    Lee Everett - he gives Lee three tickets for Easter Island , one ticket is for him the second for Clementine and the Narrator asks him who is the third one , lee turns his head and looks at Carley he smiles and tells him that he knows who is coming with him and Clementine
    Clementine - the Narrator leads Clementine into the backroom to give her reward and it is very dark , he turns the lights on and everybody comes out saying " surprise !" Lee comes in with a cake in his hands and tells Clementine happy birthday , he remembered Clementine's birthday and he put a bet with everyone that if Clementine beats them all they are going to help him with her birthday party , it's time for Clementine to hit the pinata and the pinata is Skunkape
    Kenny - he gives Kenny a mosasaurus for him and his family to eat but little does Kenny know that the mosasaurus is still alive
    Carley - he gives Carley a ticket to a famous restaurant for a romantic night so she has to choose a partner , she looks at Lee and smiles
    Doug - he gives Doug a high-tech computer but it crashes on him
    Larry - he gives Larry some papers for " Anger management classes " and the instructor is Hugh Bliss
    Lilly - he gives Lilly a chance to be a manager of the Inventory and what she has to do as manager is to clean up the mess :D
  • Now i added a poll . I couldn't put Mike Logan because i couldn't put a 51 option so just say that you want to play as him . For those who don't know this thread read the entire thing and vote .
  • You missed so many candidates, like Stinkoman or the Soda Poppers.

    In any case, I think Telltale and Valve need a giant crossover.

    Telltale vs Valve... 3
  • Ryu-Chan;819019 said:
    You missed so many candidates, like Stinkoman or the Soda Poppers.

    In any case, I think Telltale and Valve need a giant crossover.

    Telltale vs Valve... 3
    I can't put many options because of the rules and so i have to put 50 options . And the Soda Poppers , oh God . I think they would be bosses than fighting characters .
  • I would so buy this game for 60 dollars, it sounds so great.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;819346 said:
    I would so buy this game for 60 dollars, it sounds so great.
    You should check out the special moves and endings of Lee , Clem , Kenny and Carley .
    And also the funny endings of Larry and Lilly .
  • Gromit would so win...
  • Sam and Max. Because... they are Sam and Max!
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