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Who was the worst/poorest character in the game so far?

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And by that I mean their character was poorly designed or that they just seemed out of place with the rest. For me it would probably be Molly because she seemed too much like a videogame character rather than a normal person with all her over the top stunts,she took me out of the immersion in the game.
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  • Bioshock Infinite WD;819479 said:
    It does not make any sense to me, but I am not judging at all, so I am going to guess and say you picked Carley.
    Yeah I've done about six different playthroughs, all but one of them saved Carley. Saved Doug on my second playthrough, and never did that again.
  • I dunno, but I like Doug, I'm not his biggest fan, nor did I feel like his death was that great a loss, but I wouldn't call him a prick, but that again depends on everyone's perception I guess.
  • I like Doug, I like Carley more but Doug is still good in my book.
  • I do tend to pick on Molly for all the action-hero tropes. Abrasive for the sake of being snarky, flippancy about her actions that you can't call her out for, introduction set up in a way that forces two people with guns to walk into melee range to show off her capabilities, etc.

    I liked Mark, but found his red shirt status obvious from the get-go.
    Violet Virago;819477 said:
    He's just very abrasive. And I get that they were trying to make him rather socially awkward, but to me he just comes off as an asshole.
    Really? I thought Doug came across as one of the most passive guys in the group.
  • Molly, 'Nuff said !
  • Violet Virago;819477 said:
    He's just very abrasive. And I get that they were trying to make him rather socially awkward, but to me he just comes off as an asshole. He really seems like he really doesn't much care about Lee and even when you save him he goes and berates you (which I know, is entirely okay and within his character to do), however, Doug kind of goes a bit too far and comes across just flat out antagonistic towards Lee. It's probably just the way I perceive Doug that is different from some others, but he honestly has just... Nothing going for him. The one playthrough where I did save him just felt tremendously annoying with him constantly having this unreasonable demeanor and constant whining about everything. Like, the first time I played, I REALLY REALLY tried to like Doug, or even mourn his loss, but it's like... He's not even nice. Sure he does nice and good things, but as a general person he comes across a prick. And he's just flat out annoying... But mostly because he just comes off as a prick.

    Hopefully that makes some form of sense, I really feel like there was something to his character, but the way his relative "social awkwardness" was portrayed made it instead seem to me like he was just an asshole.
    Are you sure this is Doug you're talking about? I've seen several playthroughs of him, and he's far from what you've just described. In some areas, you sound as if you're describing Larry.

    Sorry if I sounded a little rude.
  • It's all opinion, but I agree that I do not think Doug is that bad.
  • The police officer that's with Shawn if you decide to wait until nightfall before leaving with Clem.

    What kind of police officer is going to leave a little girl behind in the care of some random guy?

    Other than that, yeah, Molly's ninja antics were a bit too unbelievable.
  • Doug's a cool dude. Awkward, but good value.

    In saying that I picked crackshot over dork nonsense the first time around.

    I don't really think anyone was poorly written at all.
  • I actually really like Molly and didn't find her ninja-ing all that unbelievable. If only because I'd searched up the term "parkour" for the first time just a few weeks before ep 4.

    I can't think of any poorly written characters, just a few moments from certain characters who were otherwise well-written. Like Kenny's superhumanly obsessive grudge-holding powers, or Shawn's incredible lack of tractor-safety.
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