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Who was the worst/poorest character in the game so far?

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And by that I mean their character was poorly designed or that they just seemed out of place with the rest. For me it would probably be Molly because she seemed too much like a videogame character rather than a normal person with all her over the top stunts,she took me out of the immersion in the game.
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    OlgaSedova BANNED
    Bioshock Infinite WD;820490 said:
    I just disagree and think that Kenny is not as bad as you say, and I do not think there is a block option, I could be wrong but I have not seen one, and I am sorry but Lilly fans just drive me crazy, maybe it's because I want her dead.
    Maybe you should have said this in the first place insted of calling me a troll. Apology NOT accepted. Bye.
  • I am sorry, I have never heard anyone ever say that Kenny is ugly, and if you have not noticed I am losing my mind over that new person that hates everything but Lilly, when I meant Troll I meant him and not you, I apoplgys.
  • Molly. I actually like her but she just... kind of pushed my suspension of disbelief. I don't mean she would be totally unrealistic or anything but she felt out of place compared to other characters. It was like they tried too hard to introduce her as 'the badass'. I could have seen that she's capable with some less glaring examples. You don't need to rub it on my face.

    I'm agreeing with this:
    Mikejames;819537 said:
    I do tend to pick on Molly for all the action-hero tropes. Abrasive for the sake of being snarky, flippancy about her actions that you can't call her out for, introduction set up in a way that forces two people with guns to walk into melee range to show off her capabilities, etc.
    I'd also have to say Larry. I don't hate him and I can understand why he acts like he does but, again, I think they went a bit too far with it. He seemed too much like the obligatory a-hole of the group and his hatefulness felt too unreasonable for me. I like it that you can't make him like Lee (because there is that kind of people irl) but, damn, it's like he's just deliberately being a douche 99% of the time.

    Also... though I loved Mark and would have liked to keep him around, I too must say that it was a bit too obvious he was introduced just because they needed someone to die. It's not that I found anything bad about him as a character since he felt genuine and real but it's just the way they used him. Felt like a waste.
  • Molly was one of those characters that seemed completely out of place considering she wasn't sheltered from the apocalypse, or completely insane and still seemed unfazed by everyone she knows being dead. Being so vocal with an ambiguous way of saying everything and uncaring in way killed the atmosphere a little.

    Lee, with a gun pointed at Molly: "You're not the guy on the radio"
    Molly: "I'm not a guy at all. Full marks for observation.
    Mind if I get up?"

    Kenny: "Yeah, well. Whoever you are, ringing those bells this morning nearly got us all killed, raised the dead all around us!"
    Molly: "That's the idea, genius. It's how I get around."

    A bit like Moira Brown from Fallout 3 but not as bad.
  • Molly was the poorest character. Her doing parkour throughout Savannah almost ruined the atmosphere of the whole game up until meeting her, and her dry and sarcastic 'wit' always gives me a headache. And on a personal level, I still don't even trust her.
  • OlgaSedova;820478 said:
    You are fucking retarded
  • He or she is like twelve years old.
  • All right now lets stop with the insults, we don't need the mods banning anymore people, and yes she might not have been the nicest person, but just that fact she is gone is enough punishment.
  • i'm gonna say the stranger and doug

    the stranger should of been in episode 2 with his car, by that i mean they should of at least had some hint to him, like after you choose to loot /leave the car alone... you hear a sound or voices or see movement.. something...

    some people speculated he would return... but not many got it right.. and when we meet him.. his kinda lame creepy and carries a bowling ball bag..

    his dialogue was nothing really special other than a summary of what we had done through out the season and a bit of his reasons why..

    doug is ok untill you compare him to carley.. she had way more depth and interesting interactions.. while doug is mostly a 'do this or that' and he blinds lee with a lazer pointer..
  • Bandit nr 2 in episode 3 :D

    Seriously, the poorest character was Molly. I like her but I think she hasn't enough time in game, her plot was simply too short.
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