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Favorite Song From Season 1/400Days

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This game had a great and touching soundtrack. I'll list all the songs used in the thread for reference.

Main Theme - Plays when we are introduced to Lee.

Alive Inside - Plays when Lee and Clementine look over what his parents left behind, and many other moments with Clementine

One Choice - Plays when you must decide who to feed in Starved for Help

It's Over - Plays when you leave/kill Andy and if Ben is dropped.

Message - This plays when Diana's message is heard at the house.

Safe - This is a puzzling one. This might play when walking around the St. John's, and when Lee is burying Fivel.

Tension - I have no idea when this plays. I can tell you one thing though. It probably is in a tense scene.

Honest - This plays when the boat is found.

Spirit Healing - Played by Chuck on his guitar

The Best for You - This plays when the group decides what to do after Clementine is kidnapped.

Decision - I dunno.

Falling - Meet Fivel. Looks like Duck don't he?

Outcome - Kenny and Ben's final stand.

Armed With Death - No explanation needed.

Saved - I don't know.

Goodbye - Keep that hair short.

Take Us Back - The reason we all burst out crying even after it finished.


400 Days - The song that made watching the DLC trailer all the better.

Baltic Sea - The song playing in 400 Days' introduction.

Walk Among the Cobras - What would you rate this song? Strong six?

400 Days Credits

Truth Witnesser - Meet the parents.
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  • Walk Among the Cobras is a great song and also went great with that scene!

    I feel like it could be Nate's theme song :D
  • It should be, it was not a backround song he turned his radio on and it played that, I am going to guess it could be used if the truck is still being used, and he was in a gas station I am sure there were still tires there. I liked so many songs I would rate this my number one favorite game soundtrack, tied with Bioshock Infinite, I liked stuff like it's over, Aiming protection, Clementine, alternate Clementine, Take Us Back, the 400 days credit theme, I really can not pick.
  • Falling, Armed With Death, and Take Us Back are what stick out in my mind.

    Falling was distinct, and tragically atmospheric. Armed With Death was perfect in setting the mood of everything coming to a head for that final rush. Take Us Back carried my less than manly tears.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;820553 said:
    the 400 days credit theme,
    Thank you! There was one song that I couldn't remember what episode it was from and that's it!
  • Finally found another track I've been looking for. The uploader changed it's name. "Truth Witnesser" as I prefer to call it, really stood out to me, even though it was very short. It's just the suspense before it, I mean, we all thought we were in the all-clear right? Then comes the parents. But this song, it really did it for me. Adding a much darker version of Alive Inside with heavy overtones was just unbearable.
  • That credit music at the end of 400 days was amazing, I think it was my favorite music in 400 Day's and I like a lot of the music there.
  • It's Over. As soon as the scene and song started playing I KNEW that this game was going to be amazing and that we've just started. Even now I still have this song on my iPod lol.

    The one with Kenny's finale scene is very close though. 3rd is Armed to Death because it fit very well with the scene.
  • Ya, everyone watching you beat up Andy, with the rain and camera work, plus the music was such a great scene.
  • I can vote more than once, right? I can't decide which ONE is my favorite. Hell, I can barely decide which FIVE I like above the others. The soundtrack for this game was just very well made. It came together perfectly.
  • I think I like almost all of them, it's harder trying to find one I do not like then to find one that is like.
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