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iOS pack purchase Problem!

posted by iEsa on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
Hi, i've Just bought the 2-5 + 400 days pack for the TWD game, it was charged to my account but the app keeps selling me the pack and don't let me play (or download) the episodes!!! What do I have to do???

I have redeemed the purchase but it doesn't seem to do anything!
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  • I came on the forum to see any remedies and obviously not. It doesn't seem that emailing them helps either because we will get a bullshit automated response. Hopefully someone comes across our issue.
  • My iTunes account was charged $19.99 and yet it's still telling me I have to buy the next episode. Help!! Shouldn't there be an easier way to contact these people .
  • Waited until today to try again almost 24hrs and nadda....Maybe if we continue putting something on this thread it will build enough responses for someone to look at it from Telltale...Worst case I'll file a complaint with the BBB, they have to respond to that...
  • Has anyone has this problem resolved? I haven't.
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