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Favorite Song From Season 1/400Days

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This game had a great and touching soundtrack. I'll list all the songs used in the thread for reference.

Main Theme - Plays when we are introduced to Lee.

Alive Inside - Plays when Lee and Clementine look over what his parents left behind, and many other moments with Clementine

One Choice - Plays when you must decide who to feed in Starved for Help

It's Over - Plays when you leave/kill Andy and if Ben is dropped.

Message - This plays when Diana's message is heard at the house.

Safe - This is a puzzling one. This might play when walking around the St. John's, and when Lee is burying Fivel.

Tension - I have no idea when this plays. I can tell you one thing though. It probably is in a tense scene.

Honest - This plays when the boat is found.

Spirit Healing - Played by Chuck on his guitar

The Best for You - This plays when the group decides what to do after Clementine is kidnapped.

Decision - I dunno.

Falling - Meet Fivel. Looks like Duck don't he?

Outcome - Kenny and Ben's final stand.

Armed With Death - No explanation needed.

Saved - I don't know.

Goodbye - Keep that hair short.

Take Us Back - The reason we all burst out crying even after it finished.


400 Days - The song that made watching the DLC trailer all the better.

Baltic Sea - The song playing in 400 Days' introduction.

Walk Among the Cobras - What would you rate this song? Strong six?

400 Days Credits

Truth Witnesser - Meet the parents.
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