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PLEASE Telltale, dont make Season 2 like Jurassic park

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By making us take control of multiple characters, It was ok for 400 days dlc because we had a whole segment, but dont make us control multiple people in one scene, that would suck.
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  • I disagree.. that sounds like an excellent idea if the situations done right.. probably only for one chapter though. Imagine a scenrio where you all have a different job, while a hordes coming too you, oneh as to barricade, another hold the zombies off, another prepare ammo. it could lead to this intense scenrio where we have to switch between survivors quickly and tactically to survive. if one survivor fails their job, they're all going down.
  • They have become more experienced int two years, I don't think they will make the same mistake twice, and it was the QTE's that was wrong with JP.
  • i think there were problems with controlling two or more characters at a time especially if one of them does things you don't want them to do, or you are controlling both sides of an argument.

    it would get a bit complicated with many characters, but maybe two characters could work but mailnly if you aren't controlling them at the same time (in the story)
  • Agreed One Protagonist only!
  • I'd be okay with playing as different characters each episode.
  • No. I still don't like multiple characters at once. Even if Telltale can pull it off flawlessly, I don't like it whatsoever.
  • My personal preference is to stick with the main protagonist. I remember the first time I had to play multiple characters was in KOTOR II (limited sure, but enough to turn me off from it) and I never enjoyed leaving my hero.
  • I loved KOTOR one and two, but I know what you mean I would always stay with my main player character.
  • We need one Protagonist no more than that...
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