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  • "Fighting Game" and "Beat Em-Up" are two different genres.

    Fighting games are one-on-one competitive games a la Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

    Beat Em-Ups are single player or co-op games focusing on crowd control and fighting off computer-controlled enemies, a la Final Fight and Streets of Rage.
  • ^ Dashing is right about that.

    But I still like Soul Calibur as a series. :)

    (Then again I don't really like Tekken all that much which some fighting gamers might try to kill me over! XD)
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I could never get into the other games in the Soul Calibur series, but I did like Soul Calibur on Dreamcast.

    I wonder why they aren't doing an HD remake of the first Soul Calibur, or did they already and I just missed the news?

    Edit: Yeah, it's the latter. I should really learn to google before posting.:o
  • ryannumber1gamer;819799 said:
    Meh Looks like Link won't be returning :/
    Yeah, it's a no-buy for me for just that reason. I hate Heihachi.
  • Link was bottom-tier garbage.
  • Rather Dashing;821046 said:
    Link was bottom-tier garbage.
    So are you. :p
  • How can there be tiers in a skill-free button-mash-fest game? How do you know the tiers in a game you so clearly hate? Why would you expect anyone who likes this game and wants to play as Link to care what tier he's in, when you've identified the demographic as "people who don't know how to play fighting games"? People who don't know how to play fighting games don't care about tiers.
  • Obviously those who do care about fighting games also care about Soul Calibur, otherwise there wouldn't have been a professional tournament scene for it.
  • All I know is that I originally got this when I was in Uni (complete with an absolutely massive poster of Ivy that I still have because I couldn't bear to get rid of it despite it not actually fitting anywhere in my room) and despite not being a fan of fighting games I was pretty much hooked on it for about three months before finally breaking free from its grasp.

    I'm an older, wiser (*snigger*) man now, and I'm kinda hyped for this. So all y'all haters can shut your fat asses up.
  • I still want a Wii U version though.
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