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Season 2 - 5 main characters :(

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So, I don't know if someone else figured this before, but 400 days shows stories of 5 characters. Season 2 is going to have 5 episodes again, and I am now thinking that each episode is going to be a story of each character from 400 days and how he met others.

Whole season will end with Tavia taking them to her community, and season 3 will be about that.

So basically 400 days tells us it's gonna be a story about how each character got through those 400 days and met Tavia. It's quite obvious to me now. I don't like it. :(
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  • TheGamingSquadMC;821859 said:
    and what if you only take 1 to the camp
    No, it will show their story until this point. And this will be the ending which you won't be able to change if you made those choices in the DLC.

    I remember SAW game having this kind of ending where you basically decided how the game will end by making a decision in first minutes of the game.

    Season 3 might be again with one playable character ( Tavia maybe )

    This is the sceme which I have in mind:

    episode 1 - playing as Russell
    episode 2 - playing as Wyatt
    episode 3 - playing as Bonnie
    episode 4 - playing as Vince
    episode 5 - playing as Shel

    Antagonist - Nate or they will just fight between each other with their own groups

    And everyone will somehow meet Clementine.
  • You dont know thats what it's going to be about. I wouldnt assume anything at this point.
  • I dont think TTG would do that
  • I highly doubt that. 400 Days was the extra "bonus" episode that gives you some insight into who these characters when you likely meet them in Season 2.
  • I think season 2 will take place after 400 Days. It's possible we play multiple characters this season, but I hope that's not the case. What made season one so great was being able to interact with everyone and influence the story as Lee. It wouldn't have had the same impact if we had to split time between Lee, Kenny, Lilly, etc.
  • Based on what was said in the last Playing Dead video, it's very likely it'll be about our season one characters.
  • Clem has been confirmed for Season 2 and 400 days was meant to be an off topic snack...
    I think it is more likely secondary early characters like Ed and Nate will turn up as they are the characters that don't necessarily have to survive to day 400...
  • This is just speculation, why the sad face?
  • I wonder if they will have another Playing Dead before season 2 comes out, they are fun to watch.
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