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I love you - and some times course you

posted by rubberchickenwithapulley on - last edited - Viewed by 126 users
Hi TT and thanks for those awsome games your making - just bought S&B (sure looks bad....ehhh good) and can´t wait for S&M Season 3 or W&G!

But here is the thing - often I am out in the field for 2-3 weeks without any internet acess but with my laptop (guess I will have to name it Lappy after playing the tutorial of S&B).

I always keep my serialnumbers from my purchased games in a textfile so it shouldnt be any problem finding it when I need it.

But every time I try to activate my game in the middle of some Danish forest - S&M ask me to connect to the internet one way or the other! I have tried everything but i always fail activating the games (it feels like when I havent played the games for a long time, they want me to reactivate them). So how is the idiot proof way of activiting your game without internet access but with your valid serialnumber?

I am soon going down to south Afghanistan and will not have any internet...but imagining not being able to play my Telltale games....NO WAY:eek:!

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  • The games only require an internet connection the first time you launch them, to unlock. Once the game is unlocked you don't need to connect to the internet anymore. So all you need to do is unlock all of them before you leave. :)

    (There is an offline activation method too, but it requires sending us a code and us sending back a code, so you're really better off unlocking the games while you still have an internet connection!)
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