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Cross Statistic Analysis - Doug/Ben decision.

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So far we know that 76% of the Misandrists, Traditionalists, Feminists, and Sex Crazed Primates chose Carley in Episode 1, and only 23% chose to save Doug.

What I would love to see is the breakdown of those that saved Doug, when he died in his scenario with Ben.

How many of the those that saved Doug, chose to pull Ben up in the Bell Tower. I think that would be an interesting dynamic to analyse the psychology behind that decision.

I saved Doug and pulled Ben many others did the same?
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  • I saved Carley because of a number of reasons. Chief among them was that she saved my life twice beforehand, then I also figured she'd be more useful, what with her shooting skills and all, aaaaand yes, because she was an attractive female. If that makes me a feminist or a sex crazed primate or whatever, then so be it. Not that I have anything against Doug, in the time I got to know them before the choice, I liked both characters about as equally, but in the end I chose to save the girl. And I would probably do so in real life too, given a similar situation.

    Now about Ben... I didn't drop Ben, mostly because I figured that Carley's death wasn't directly his fault. He may have been indirectly responsible, but if it was Lilly, who is directly responsible, so I focused my anger over Carley's death on her (leaving her). Ben, I figured, meant well with his deal, in fact, the deal was a pretty good idea, his only fault was not sharing it with anyone else. Had the deal not been made, the bandits might have raided sooner and then who knows who'd have been killed. So no, when I was contemplating whether to drop Ben or not, the thought "he killed Carley" never crossed my mind, it was more of "we don't have space for him on the boat anyway". In the end, I decided to give him a chance.

    If I hadn't been a sex crazed primate, and picked Doug (making me, I suppose, the homosexual sex crazed primate, who fancies chubby nerds) I would have pulled Ben up without a second thought, since Doug basically sacrificed himself for Ben, so intentionally letting Ben die would make his sacrifice vain. I still would've left Lilly though.
  • I saved Doug, wasn't one of the most justified decisions I made, but he seemed to have better judgement.

    Ben was dead weight in more ways than one. I thought putting anyone else in danger for someone who never helped anyone, and couldn't fit on the boat with the people who helped fix all the problems he had caused, would have been something that very few people would have done in that situation. It just led me to believe that in a post-apocalyptic scenario, without knowledge that the original plan would fail, there was no way I should put everyone's life at risk keep him alive, especially when he couldn't defend himself and was the last person I'd want taking the space of someone who wasn't likely to get someone else killed.

    Then Molly decided she didn't want to come and I realised straight away I had to rewind it if I didn't want to bow my head in shame for the entire ending.
  • I saved Carley and pulled Ben up.

    Had Doug had more screen-time, more interaction with Lee, and invited himself with the "Rescue Glenn" mission, I would have picked him.

    I felt that the game was telling me to choose Carley, she was on the Episode 1 title cover for little reason other than hyping her appearance and Doug was nowhere in sight. All of her heroics was on-screen and Doug's heroics wasn't, and half of the time I forget that Doug's there because he doesn't show up as much on screen during cutscenes. I understand that Doug's is meant to be a passive character, but Telltale made him almost completely invisible unless spoken to, and I wasn't supposed to care about him at all.

    Seems unfair, but I had no reason to pick Doug as the time, and after wating Cryaotic's playthrough, I began to appreciate him more than Carley herself.

    And as for Ben, killing him would have meant that I agree with Crawford's ideals. Being disabled myself would mean that I will have to jump down along with Ben from the bell tower, break my legs, and get eaten alive. Seems fair since after all, that is what Crawford would have wanted.
  • Very good reason, Rickwalker, I caught on that dropping Ben is what Crawford would do, and becoming like them is the beginning of the end.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;822547 said:
    Very good reason, Rickwalker, I caught on that dropping Ben is what Crawford would do, and becoming like them is the beginning of the end.
    Well to Ehkay becoming like them is the beggining of his happiness .
  • Well, his world is backwords and upside down, there your problem.
  • I would have saved Doug had I not watched an Ep 1 & Ep 2 playthrough beforehand (so ended up choosing Carley in mine to see the difference,) and I dropped Ben. To be fair, though, my reasoning for dropping him was not because I didn't like him or wanted to kill him, but because I did like him and I respected his request for me to drop him.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;822547 said:
    Very good reason, Rickwalker, I caught on that dropping Ben is what Crawford would do, and becoming like them is the beginning of the end.
    Thank you for reading. :)

    And I must say it's funny to see my username as Richwalker, seeing how the term 'walker' is actually my surname. Makes watching and playing the Walking Dead all the more awkward/awesome for me. :D
  • Imagine someone playing the Walking Dead with the last name of Walker, with a dog named Walker, and he lives in ether Atlanta or Savannah.
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