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Just leave the corpse of your friend child or spouse behind why dont you!

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LOL they had plenty of time to bury carley, and duck and katjaa.....but no, they didnt, what a bunch of tools lol
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  • StalkerWalker;822910 said:
    Nope, have reported you to Mods and urge others to do the same.

    And I didn't even get to call someone a bad name, dammit. What a waste.
  • StalkerWalker;822912 said:
    No, it would be heartwarming and gentle.......
    maybe, but katjaa had just killed herself in front of Duck, so maybe kenny wasn't in the heartwarming/gentle mood
  • If they'd taken the time to do that, something else might have happened. Gunshots and whatnot tend to attract walkers, so any time spent arranging the bodies could have resulted in the undead showing up and Lee, Kenny, or even someone at the train being bitten. It wasn't really worth anyone else dying just to do something for Kat and Duck. It sucks, but you don't risk the living just to respect the dead in that kind of world.
  • The thought of burying them crossed my mind before. When Carley died, I was hoping that we'd at least have the option to bring her into the RV and then bury her by the abandoned locomotive with Chuck's shovel. I also wished that Katjaa and Duck would've been given a proper burial. But, it is what it is I guess.
  • Sick Octopus;822907 said:
    Jesus, that's a bit off.

    I pun on the regular, but that's low even for me and this time wasn't intentional. Sorry, dude.
    Intentional or not, I'll admit, I chuckled. See you in hell.
  • Velociraptorius;823044 said:
    Intentional or not, I'll admit, I chuckled. See you in hell.

    In hindsight and given what I've seen the OP post around the board, I no longer feel 'guilty'.
  • So... we couldn't of just brought her into the RV?
  • Do you think that people would want a dead body were they sleep and eat for any amount of time, even if it's someone you liked.
  • If you do not comply and continue to post Kenny will be forced to salt lick all of you, carry on.
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