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What would be the best way for telltale send off duck?

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Duck and Clem are off playing in the woods and are attacked by walkers. Duck and Clem get split up. Duck not paying attention to where he is going, runs off a small cliff into a pond. Kenny and the group hear the commotion and find Duck drowning in the pond. Kenny jumps in the water to try and save him but it's too late. While Kenny is bringing duck's dead body to the shore Duck turns into a walker himself and bits Kenny on the shoulder. Both Kenny ends up drowning in the pond after he gets bit by his son, b/c he can't stand the thought of letting him go.
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  • I can imagine how the Guvernor church would be : the bandits would party there like there is no tommorow , the ones singing the choir would be the members of Crawford , and here are the lyrics :
    " Kneel before The Governor "
    " Your Lord and Savior "
    " Kneel before Oberson "
    " The leader of Tommorow " .
  • ya, and the Barbecue in the back in being cooked by the Saint Johns.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;822560 said:
    ya, and the Barbecue in the back in being cooked by the Saint Johns.
    And there will be a strip club and the stripper is Stephanie who has a chain on her neck meaning that she is forced to do it and Nate would howl like a wolf and dance around her and there will be also a bar where Campman is drinking his sorrows away .
  • And who would be the bartender, Lilly?
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;823150 said:
    And who would be the bartender, Lilly?
    The bartender will be Vernon and when Campman drinks more booze he will shout " LEE YOU SON OF A BITCH , I'M GONNA KILL YOUR ASS AND TAKE CLEMENTINE FROM YOU AND WE ARE GOING TO BE A HAPPY FAMILY ! " And then he throws the bottle against the wall and Vernon says " You will have to pay for that . "
  • And if he does not pay for it Vernon gets his invalid members and beats the shit out of Campman, and takes his station wagon.
  • And after that , Campman will get up and yell " VERNON I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU AND THEN CLIVE , BOYD AND JOYCE WILL BE MY NEW UNCLE , GRANDPA AND GRANDMA . " And then he fells unconscience because of alcohol .
  • And who would be the bouncer that tosses him out, Larry maybe.
  • Larry will try to crash the party but Kenny will be there with his trusty salt lick, I swear he carries that thing in his moustache or under his hat.
  • Or both, he is very skilled with that stache.
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