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Strong Bad ep 1 worst telltale game? [says Gamespot]

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Strong Bad only got 5 from gamespot breaking CSI crime evidence by 5 points.Will it become the worst telltale game reception wise.
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  • and IGN said it was out a month early! stick to kotaku.
  • Kotaku isn't exactly a review site. A game blog yes but a review site it is not. (though I did see they had a review for this game up :p)
  • Yeah, GameSpot's review quality has been going down as of late, especially with Wii games. SBCG4AP generally has been getting quite good reviews elsewhere.

    Only one person's opinion really counts, and that's your own, but if you must read reviews, it's best to look at things from a big-picture perspective rather than one single review.
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    Gary Telltale Alumni
    Reviews are opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... and it doesn't necessarily mean it'll match yours.
  • And yet, when you insult the GENRE in your review, then perhaps you shouldn't be publishing this particular review.

    You wouldn't ask a person that is an ardent Japanese RPG fan to review the next big FPS. You wouldn't ask someone that only plays casual games like Wii Sports to give an opinion on, say, Metal Gear or an Elder Scrolls game.

    I mean, a person trying to get into SBCG4AP should be informed that it IS an adventure game and what an adventure game IS, since there are so few around nowadays that the genre can not even exist on some gamer's radars. But to make someone who would never buy the game in the first place to review a disservice to people considering a purchase. And this appears to be the case with the Gamespot review.
  • come on SBCG4AP is such a awsome game i think i'm gonna play it!
  • I've played it. It's excellent. I love it!

    Just about anyone that gives this game a bad score or really hates it, is, in my opinion, one of those people that fits into the dusty, forgotten shelves of the "You just don't get it" category.

    Their opinion doesn't really even matter since, from what i've seen, the naysayers's unfamiliarity with the cartoon or license or their general dislike and bias against the "point and click" genre in the first place are what these people seem to be going by.

    It's a great Homestar Runner game, a great point and click game FOR fans of H*R, and that's really all that matters.

    Another problem with unfair, badly written reviews, is that I think also people expect this game to be "epic". Again, showing that they just don't "get it". No true Homestar runner fan would describe the cartoon as "epic". Charming, and funny, yes. Epic, never. And the game shouldn't be, either.

    It's funny, fun, enjoyable, and that's all that matters. Maybe a little bit short, but that's why it's episodic. All 5 games together, spread out through 5 months will be very long, i'm sure.

    I find it a waste of time to even look at reviews for this game. Especially Gamespot, which, after having run neck and neck for the most useless gaming website ever with IGN, through recent events and controversies at Gamespots poor management over the last year, Gamespot has won the that title of "most useless game website" by a long shot.

    Their serious staff and management issues over their content and their bad management and ignorance seriously invalidates at least 87% of Gamespot's credibility. This Homestar Ruiner review is just another reason why Gamespot is pathetic and no one should even listen to that site, ever. They just don't feel that they have to know what they are in fact, talking about, before saying much of anything.

    Homestar Ruiner is, exactly the kind of game people are either going to "get it" or they won't. And if they don't "get it", that's their fault. Not the game's fault.

    It does what it does very well, and is in every regard, true and faithful to the world. Telltale has produced the exact type of game that H*R fans should appreciate as being very true to it's source and fun to play for a while.
  • Tester Scott;82259 said:
    The only review that really matters is your own. If you loved the game you loved the game regardless of what other people think.
    Wow, gamer zen...
  • KarmaRocketX;82332 said:
    I find it a waste of time to even look at reviews for this game. It's exactly the kind of game people are either going to "get it" or they won't. And if they don't "get it", that's their fault. Not the game's fault.
    The way I see it, there is MORE of a point to reviewing episodic games than there is to writing reviews for the big $60 "AAA" titles. Because with an episodic game, the course of the game itself can change. Because the developers can say "Oh, well, the people who played the first game liked this aspect, but disliked that aspect. What can we do to improve that aspect? How can we continue to provide this aspect?"

    For example, it seems like the general consensus is that they got the graphics spot-on, with a couple complaints about little graphical glitches or certain characters (Strong Sad, especially) that look odd in the engine. People seem to be very happy with the writing. The length and/or difficulty of the game seem to be negatives that a lot of people have. Then again, I may be applying my own opinions and noticing them more than others, but the point that reviews and customer feedback ideally play a big role in the episodic model.
  • What the heck happened with Gamespot? I normally enjoy reading their reviews and they normally come close to the critic average. But this time they've completely messed it up. You only have to look at the three scores posted on their review. They gave the game a 5 where as the average critic score (from only five reviews) is 7 and the average user score is 7.5. In fact on the Wii page the game got an average critic (from six mostly different reviews) and user score of 8.7. Seriously what the heck is going on here?

    Oh well, all of us who have played the game know the truth. So do most critics as well. Gamespot are wrong, it is an excellent game.

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