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My Complex "Friendship" with Kenny.

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In season 1 i had a somewhat complex relationship with Kenny. I'm not team Lily nor Team Kenny but by the end of episode 5 I counted Kenny as a good friend even though it was a rocky journey there. It went like this...
  • In Episode 1 I saved Duck and defended him from Larry.Kenny saved my life when Larry Knocked me down.By the end of episode 1 me and Kenny are good friends.
  • Episode 2 was the big turning point in my relationship with Kenny,at the start of the episodes a rift is beginning when he wishes to leave and i want to stay,i make sure to feed duck though and he is happy enough with that. I agree with him that something suspicious is happening at the farm and then the meat locker scene happens,i decide to try and save larry but kenny kills him.I'm angry at kenny and he is angry at me for not having his back,then we attempt to save katjaa and duck,danny attacks me and is about to kill me while kenny does nothing to intervene,Lily saves me and Lee gives a look of dissapointment to kenny. After the farm I told kenny that he isn't a bad man but he's no hero and he destroyed two people's lives. I do agree to take the supplies.
  • Episode 3 there is a clear division now between me and kenny and when i get attacked in the drug store he once again does nothing to save me.At this point i am really angry at kenny,i tell him the best plan is to stick with the motor inn,he doesnt agree.Later in the episode after the bandit attack i feel sorry for kenny when i find out duck is bitten,i tell him that he has to man up and fight him in the train beating him up but apoligize afterwards,but that fight was along time coming.After Katjaa and Duck die I am devasted for kenny and vow to support him and go along with his boat plan.
  • In episode 4 I get Kenny to kill fivel since i killed duck,i felt this could go some small way to give him some closure. I agree that he should beat up ben but i couldnt let ben die,i get kenny to join me at the end when i tell him clem is my family and he recognizes that i was there for him when it counted.
  • In episode 5 i console kenny on the rooftop,i lose my temper with him in the attic and throw the bust at him,i say i wasnt going to hurt him and he says i know,i then apologize for any hurt i caused over a bottle of whiskey and the relationship between us seems to be as good as its been since the end of episode 1. I refuse to leave him with ben and tell him its not ok.When he "dies" i think Lee summarized the relationship i had with him best when he says "He wasnt a bad man,maybe people didnt always agree,maybe even me" and "he was what counts for a friend nowadays".
I could be described as definitely being more on lilys side then kennys but it wasnt personal it was just that i thought the motor inn was the best bet.
I had quite the unorthodox journey with kenny but by the end i considered him a friend and hope to see him in season 2 alive! Any one else have this kind of relationship with Kenny. Great Character!
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