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How different would season 1 have been if Larry had no heart Problems?

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The Meat Locker scene would never have happened and when we got out Larry would probably have killed Andy and Danny if Lee didn't. Could have died in the Bandit Raid but if he didnt and got away in the RV Lily most likely would never have killed Carley since she wouldn't have been mentally unstable. He probably would have beat a confession out of Ben and Advocated Leaving/killing him. Definitely would have tried to kill duck immediately when he finds out about the bite which Lee would probably intervene and fight Larry, then Larry might have revealed Lee's secret if Lee beat him up, might a said something like "thought you'd be all for killing him,murderer!" If Larry was still alive into episode 4 he would have tried to kill Lee again when Lee reveals the bite,possibly Lily/Kenny/Carley stop him. In episode 5 then I think Larry would have been killed by the herd or tried to kill Lee but was killed by another group member before he could do it. Things definitely would have worked out different had Larry no heart problems and thus never died in the Meat Locker,would have made things very interesting. Hypothetically if Larry had never died in the meat locker we would have had Lily and Carley still with us going into episode 4,who knows maybe duck would never have been bitten if Larry was there and then he and Katjaa would have survived aswell.

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  • If Lilly hadn't been so paranoid the deal with the bandits could continue for months...
  • Larry woulda died in Savannah...
  • Knowing myself I would have ended up liking him or something ridiculous :p
  • If he hadn't have died in the Meat Locker I would have never left Team Kenny...
  • First of all, the group would never gotten him the pills in episode 1. This eventually leads to BOTH Doug and Carley making it out safely at the drugstore. The drugstore wouldn't have been taken over by the walkers.

    Things would continue on (more or less) as usual until episode 3. As soon as Lilly says the news about the motor inn supplies being looted, Larry would immediately assume it was Lee. Since there was no decision in the meat locker to have Kenny OR Lilly's loyalty, it's likely Lilly would suspect Lee of stealing the supplies as well.

    The motor inn raid would've continued on as normal, with Duck still being bitten. Now that BOTH Doug and Carley are alive, Lilly would not likely pin a single one of them down and accuse them of stealing. If anything, it'd be Larry to be the one who decided who was looting supplies. Provided no one gets shot, Lilly and (likely) Larry would've opted to not go to the coast. My guess is that she still would've jacked the RV and left with Larry in episode 3.

    Both Doug and Carley would've been alive, thus alluding to better defense in later episodes.
  • Yeah ironically Lee might have had a better chance of surviving if Larry had lived longer
  • I would guess it would have went that way also, I bet Larry would have said Lee did it, and they would steal the RV.
  • I think Ben's deal with the bandits wouldn't have been discovered if Lilly wasn't so Paranoid and if Larry had still lived...
    I think they would have just stayed at the Motor Inn until it ran dry and they leave with out disturbance...
  • I don't think anything would of changed if Larry was still alive .
    Many people say that if Larry was still alive Lilly wouldn't go crazy but people forget that Larry snaps at EVERYTHING . He exploded when he thought that Duck was bitten , he was angry at Lee for bringing Ben and his friends , he was angry at Lee after killing David/Travis , he blamed Lee for going to the diary and blamed Lee for not warning them in time .
    If he was with us in the Rv , he would of accused Lee of being a traitor and he would be the one to kill Carley/Doug if not Lilly and spill Lee's secrets and he and Lilly would of taken the Rv . I don't anything would of changed , the only change here is that Lilly wouldn't have blood on her hands , but Larry would have .
  • And he would be the one whos blood I want, not Lilly's.
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