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Audio Quality?

posted by walter_sobchak on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
Amazing game, but something is really detracting from my enjoyment :(

Does anyone else have an issue with the audio quality of the game?

The compression used on the dialog creates some odd audio artifacting, especially with Strong Bad's voice. I understand that better quality audio would significantly add to the download size, and thus cost Telltale Games more money to deliver it to everyone; but I implore you, Telltale, PLEASE offer an audio quality upgrade pack. It's a minor detail that some people don't mind (or they simply put up with it, since they're used to the compression on the Homestar Runner website), but I expected more quality since this is a stand-alone game in it's own engine.
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  • I found the audio to be ok. I think what we have is pretty standard for all telltale games. In the future I suppose a high quality version could come out.
  • Unfortunately Sam & Max is affected by the same issue, and there have been several threads about that which didn't seem to change Telltale's mind. I did think the quality in Strong Bad was a slight step up but still not what it should be for a quality production.
  • Oof. That's to bad. This actually hurts my ears.
  • it actually depends on your sound setup as well... i never have any issues with the compressed audio sounding distorted on my sound system (it sounds odd, yes.. but not really "bad")

    (and it is a decent 3.1 Realtek HD surround system i have here)

    i have also noted that users that prefer headphones are the one who complain about the sound quality... why not try listening to the game with actual speakers, then are you are less likely to hear the sound compression artifacts ;)
  • I've only tried the PC version, though I didn't really notice the audio quality being too poor. I know for a fact that it's much less compressed than the sounds on the Homestar Runner website, and that the game rivals the audio quality in Homestar's Quote of the Week sound files (you can definitely tell the difference with Marzipan's voice).
  • I don't mind the sound compression; in fact I don't really notice it. The only weird thing with the audio on my game is that occasionally the audio would skip part of the first word in the sentence. Still I had the text on so that didn't really bother me either.

  • I'm playing on a PC with a year old Sound Blaster Audigy and a 5.1 speaker setup. I'm used to playing games with good quality audio. This one stands out as being sub-par by a long shot. That is all I'm saying. I'd really like them to do something about it.
  • Yeah its sad, that Telltale wont accept that most people have fast internet connections today, and for games like this where graphics isnt that good, its sad to see them keep shipping with so bad audio quality :( but what can you do.
  • RMJ1984 wrote: »
    ... but what can you do.

    I can post on the forums and hope that someone at Telltale may read it and realize that they will make people happier by changing their compression quality. And if that doesn't happen then i guess I can regret buying all the episodes without first playing a demo. And then I guess I can also stop complaining and just play the game with the audio muted and subtitles on.
  • You see, the thing is...

    For every single post like yours complaining about the audio quality... There is also a person out there who is unable to have a broadband internet connection (for whatever reason, geographical location, monetary, etc.) and the added sound file size, would add hours to their download time (if not days).

    Personally, I have a cable modem and most downloads only take seconds (if that). But in my online gaming ventures, you would actually be surprised at just how many are still running dial up...

    And, releasing different versions, or adding more download/install options is just too complicated (for the less computer savy crowd) and would probably would confuse most other users as well.

    BUT, I do agree that at the end of the season, when (and if) they release the season on disc. The hard copy should contain higher quality audio, simply because download size is not an issue with hard copies.

    Continuing to include the subpar audio in the hard copies is just wrong, and them not taking the time to perform the necessary updates makes me wonder if they even have the ability to record uncompressed sound at all :rolleyes: (but i know they do, and thats what makes it even more unprofessional... it makes them look just plain lazy).
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