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Was smashing in Larry's head really the right thing to do?
I tried to get along with the guy but when I came down to It I sided with Kenny in the meat locker. I still kinda feel bad for what happened :(

Anyone else think this was a dick move?
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  • I am not willing to kill someone even if he might have died anyway he wasn't a corpse yet and I can't forgive Kenny for that...
  • But like Katjaa said, the right thing is almost always the scary option.
  • Bio has a point Hudomonkey.
  • Kenny destroyed the group by killing a man who was not dead yet...#Whether or not he would have lived is another matter but when I saw him muttering and beginning to draw a breath I knew I had done the right decision...
    I stand by if he had died we would at least have the advantage and he could have been dealt with before anyone got hurt...
    Even if Larry had died Lilly's reaction would be different and that could completely change the actions of episode 3...
    The right thing may be scary but the scarier thing would be to be a hero who saves the dying man not the Judge, Jury and executioner
    Kenny forgot my Lee almost immediately and takes all the credit for saving his family when he did nothing but hinder their future survival
    We will never know what would have happened but any walker can be dealt with and saying Larry would be such a threat is no different than Larry's argument for throwing out Duck...
  • when would you stop trying to save larry? because his heart may never have beaten again CPR would have simply been preventing brain death like a manual ventilator machine, and if your CPR wasn't effective enough to prevent brain death you would be giving CPR to a time bomb of a zombie
  • I felt worse on my second run when I made no decision at all and my bro, Kenny, pushed me over and called me "useless".

    Cut me real deep.
  • If I can throw in my two cents, I actually asked a medical expert (my mother) if CPR could restart a heart, and she said that it was possible. Then again, she also said that she would have smashed Larry's head in without a second thought, so you have that too.

    Oh, and she's a nurse. That's where the medical knowledge comes in, even if she's not a brain surgeon or anything.
  • I have gotten conflicting reports on if CPR can restart the heart, some people tell me yes, so people tell me no, it's almost as of the universe wants to confuse me.
  • thestalkinghead;823080 said:
    the teacher/travis took 3 people to take down and they had real weapons, larry was incredibly big and strong and if he did get up a salt lick to the head would just make him stumble not crush his skull, if lilly was able/willing (probably not) to help in the fight there would be 3 people to wrestle him to the ground and then one of them would have to smash his skull with a salt lick, it could possibly be done but the potential for bites and injury would be high and there would be a chance Clementine would get hurt, so taking the risk he presents and his slim chance of recovery into account kenny was right to want to take him out
    This is literally exactly how I saw it.

    A lot of the walkers in the game that turned sprang up suddenly without warning. Most of the damage dealt by the salt lick was due to gravity, I don't think swinging it at a moving target would be at all effective. In hindsight, trying to save Larry is the "better" decision, as it makes Lee look heroic and we know that nobody will be harmed either way.

    At the time, we'd only played 1 and a half episodes, in the previous episode a character died and another lived due to our decisions. There was no way to know the Larry walker wouldn't bite Kenny or Lilly or Clem before getting taken down. I saw this as a real possibility at the time due to the effects of decisions being more pronounced early on in the series.
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