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How different would season 1 have been if Larry had no heart Problems?

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The Meat Locker scene would never have happened and when we got out Larry would probably have killed Andy and Danny if Lee didn't. Could have died in the Bandit Raid but if he didnt and got away in the RV Lily most likely would never have killed Carley since she wouldn't have been mentally unstable. He probably would have beat a confession out of Ben and Advocated Leaving/killing him. Definitely would have tried to kill duck immediately when he finds out about the bite which Lee would probably intervene and fight Larry, then Larry might have revealed Lee's secret if Lee beat him up, might a said something like "thought you'd be all for killing him,murderer!" If Larry was still alive into episode 4 he would have tried to kill Lee again when Lee reveals the bite,possibly Lily/Kenny/Carley stop him. In episode 5 then I think Larry would have been killed by the herd or tried to kill Lee but was killed by another group member before he could do it. Things definitely would have worked out different had Larry no heart problems and thus never died in the Meat Locker,would have made things very interesting. Hypothetically if Larry had never died in the meat locker we would have had Lily and Carley still with us going into episode 4,who knows maybe duck would never have been bitten if Larry was there and then he and Katjaa would have survived aswell.

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  • Then since he wouldn't need pills, the alarm wouldn't have sounded, and every one would probably stay at the drug store.
  • TheGamingSquadMC;824126 said:
    I woulda loved seeing larry fight with andy hehe. I mean larry was strong as fuck, 5punches from lee is the same as 1 punch of larry haha. I personally thinks he would be a better person trough the time because in in ep1 he is verry mad and in ep2 yeah he is mad on the st.johns for a good reason.. And i woulda loved going alone with larry to save clem hahaha
    Lee and Larry could be like a buddy cop duo.Larry hates him at first but eventually comes to like him....Maybe. :D
  • TheGamingSquadMC;824131 said:
    Well the problem is larry knows about his past so lee try to avoid larry.. When it comes out by yourself there is no reason to hide from larry so maybe lee talks to him and become friends, i mean they are the strongest of the group so it could have saved lee... And larry was funny like in the drug store

    Lee: Stop it! Or this is it..
    Larry: Youre gonna stop me? You and what homo parade?
    Kenny: this one!

    dont know why but first time i heard it i laughed haha
    Yeah I wanted Lee to say "Seriously Kenny,you played right into that Joke".
  • Kenny is a nice guy but he did really play into Larry's joke, he was laughing about it also.
  • Kenny's not the brightest guy around... but damn if he doesn't know his facial hair.

    If Larry didn't have heart problems, he would have lived longer, and so would Carley and Doug. Lilly wouldn't go totally batshit, and maybe she would have stayed with the group. Unless Larry insisted on leaving, in which case she would go anyway. But, both Doug and Carley would be alive, ruining Lee's chances with Carley since she and Doug liked each other.
  • maybe if we had gotten everybody out of the meat locker alive Larry may gain a little respect for Lee and maybe Lee could have learned to love larry's attitude, and Rock114 i like the idea of doug and Carly being a couple. OTP :o
  • Crixus;824133 said:

    Crixus, I'm not advocating anything here, but how is this not a thing?

    It is the best thing ever. Well, since today anyway :D
  • They would stay at the store,Doug or Carley woulden't die and be together and Lee will be sad [for that]
  • Yeah, that would probably mean fewer casualties along the road to Savannah. I predict two possible scenarios in Larry's survival case- either he would pull that stick out of his ass and finally warm up to the team (however this is very unlikely, if he didn't manage to do it in three months, I doubt he'd manage it in a matter of days), or he and Lilly would split away from the group at some point. At the train perhaps, or when it turns out the boat doesn't have enough space I bet the two would definitely split from the group. Also, yeah, Doug would have most likely survived along with Carley and vice versa, but I somehow think Doug would have gotten himself killed in Savannah regardless. With the possible exception of Ben and the children, he is the least combat proficient member of the group, so... I would probably bet against him surviving Crawford.
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