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  • FUCK YOU, That1Guy.

    I am so, so, SO sorry about S2 pic, I AM. And I know I fucked up, but STOP making meme of me and STOP telling me to shut up.

    NO! You know how the game ended. You've said goodbye. I never got to see the finale ... do you get that? Your game ended but at least you've got season 2. I've never made it pass season 1. I could be dead or eaten or walker or WORSE now and I DON'T KNOW. SO GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. :mad:

    Lol that is too damn funny! :D
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Sooo... it's been fun and all, but since actual discussion of SDCC news in this thread died out LONG ago, I'm going to close this down. There's another thread about our SDCC stuff, so head over there if you want to keep talking about that!
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