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Why did you save Carley/Doug

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I chose Doug because he was surrounded by walkers and I had a feeling the barricade was going to give way, he also seemed like an average guy that a lot of us computer nerds can relate to :)
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  • She had my back by saving Lee outside, I thought it was the least I owed her.
  • I liked Doug, but I had to save Carley. I had bonded with her more since I spent more time with her than Doug, but on top of that, I would always prioritize the safety of the women and children first, so I'd have probably made the same choice if I hadn't known them. I think Doug would actually prefer you to save Carley over himself anyway, according to his dialogue after the event.
  • Carley. Interacted with her more. Crackshot. And she saved my life.

    Second run, I picked dork nonsense. Doug is a good guy and for all his awkwardness, he's quite endearing.

    Both are fine characters.
  • I like Kenny (TeamKennyAlways) wanted to save them both,so I saved Carley first,but it never turned out that way.
  • Carley had the only gun, and she was the best shot we'd seen so far. I thought that would get us a lot farther than tech skills, but Doug was pretty cool too (that is, in later Episodes if you saved him). He reminds me of me.
  • I would also have liked to save them both, but it just could not be done, and I knew that during the choice, sorry Doug, you were still a great character and I think Telltale did give there former friend justice.
  • Doug, because Carley couldn't figure out the radio, meaning she probably couldn't be useful in most situations. She knew enough about my past to cause problems, and after coming in and accusing me in front of the girl and what was left of my dead family I didn't trust her to keep the secret. Her skill was that she could point a gun and shoot with it, which I assumed Doug or anyone else wouldn't have trouble doing either.
  • Normally I'm all about bros before hos, but when the latter is good with a gun and we're in the zombie apocalypse, and the former has had all of five lines of dialogue so far, I'm inclined to make an exception.
  • Because carley saved my life in the drugstore
  • Dildor;824717 said:
    Also I could tell Lee kind of liked her by the way he looked at her. :rolleyes:
    What is this why lee why
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