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How much did you cry in Season 1?

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How much did you cry in Season 1? Honestly, I didn't cry throughout the game. I came really close though when Kenny (Favorite character) and Ben (4th favorite character) died in the same scene in Episode 5. Though Kenny might not be dead, but who cares. When Lee died, I didn't cry or go halfway. How about you? Did you cry at all? If so, when did you cy?
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  • Not really, its just a game, i really did enjoy it though but no cry lol
  • Not at all. I was sad when Lilly left but did not cry.
  • Can anyone think of a LP were they did not cry, other then Nova.
  • I teared up in many places. No full on sobbing, but it's the same damn thing. I felt, that's all the matters.

    I even felt bad for Andy. Dude served up a friend's legs to the group but his despairing and defeated version of Shrek's Puss in Boots imploring look made me feel for him. Which is just.. wrong.


    King's The Stand, and the movie adaptation of one of his novellas, (Rita Hayworth and) The Shawshank Redemption are the only two other examples of entertainment mediums where I've been emotionally screwed with so ferociously. I think this game got more tears out of me though. Well fucking done, Telltale.
  • I have for the life of me never gotten a movie to make me cry, granted I have never seen Marley and Me but it has just never done it, the best I got was feeling dead inside, forgot what movie that was.
  • In not really a "crier", but I was really sad when Ben died and Kenny "died" in the same scene.

    At dat ending... That ending could make anyone shed a tear... Even me.

    It was just one tear, though :D
  • For me it was so bad I could not see the damn screen.
  • i dont even know why this is a's obvious what the answer is...

    if you are a heartless person than no
  • Well, I cried when Katjaa and Duck died, mostly because Kat reminds me of my own mother.

    Then I cried when Kenny went down to save Christa, because he'd been my best friend from Day 1, and was the only other member of the original group still alive.

    I cried once more after Lee collapsed in the jewelry store, until most of the way through the end credits. Dat song...
  • I got teary eyed when Kenny rescued Christa, and I cried like a baby during the jewelry store scene. More so the third time than the first or second.
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