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Steam codes for Telltale-website bought titles?

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I wanted to ask, if I've bought all these games through, is it possible to get Steam codes for them as well, so that I can also link them to my Steam account?

Thank you very much!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Freshness333;805234 said:
    I was wondering if I could get a steam code for my version of the walking dead season 1... I bought it back in November full price from this Telltale website and downloaded it. then I recently got steam after already buying the walking dead through this site. I was able to add it as a "non-steam" game, so it's in my list of games, but all the achievements, and game background, and the cool stuff like that doesn't show up with it, steam pretty much just launches the application for me... is there anyway to get a steam code for my game? or am I stuck just using the "non-steam" version the way I have it?
    The Steam version and Telltale store version of The Walking Dead are separate purchases, and it's not possible to get Steam achievements in non-Steam games (whichever outlet you get them from).
  • i had a feeling that was the case... thanks for you answer though! i wasn't sure if it was possible, and i had to ask, but i had a feeling you would say that... that's ok, the game still rocks without the little extra stuff through steam... i'm trying to get a free steam version by watching you guys play season 1, so hopefully i can enter the code quick enough!! if not, well, it's fine, i still have season 1 and i'll just buy 400 days through telltale's site again if i have to... :) i'm not one to normally complain about things, but i had to ask...
    thanks again!!!
  • any chance of a steam key for the strong bad games? as much as i like it i'd rather not buy another copy for my steam library
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We no longer offer Steam codes fro Strongbad. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Am I correct, if the information, that I've gathered on these forums; that you don't offer and additional CD-key for activation on Steam? If you do, I would very much like one, as it's nice to collect all of my games in one big collection. I had almost forgot that I had this game, until I saw the new DLC and scurried my emails for signs of my purchase.
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    OK, you say you no longer offer Steam codes for The Walking Dead and Strongbad.
    And what about other games, like Sam & Max, Monkey Island, Bone? I used to buy them in CD versions from here, and now it would be nice to have them in Steam as well - without buying them second times...
  • Same here. I'm starting to use steam and it seems logical to me that we would have an easy way to activate our telltale purchased games on it. I have no idea about how licensing works, and i don't know if it would be realistic to ask for all my games to be activated on steam for free, but seems to me that at least a huge discount would be fair.

    Also, i don't really understand what was all that talk about steam promotions around a year ago. I'd like someone at telltale to please explain clearly what would be needed to get my games at steam without paying full amount, if possible (or direct me to a post where this has already been explained if that's the case, with my apologies). If you're actually offering steam codes for games other than Strongbad, i'd like to know how can i apply for mine.

    Oh, and keep doing great games -just in case i haven't already asked for enough in this post :)
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Let me start by quoting one of my answers in a different thread:
    Macfly77;790578 said:
    Telltale does not usually provide Steam keys to customers who bought their games from the Telltale Store.
    There have been a few exceptions to this rule, the two main ones being providing Steam keys to people who bought the original Poker Night from the Telltale Store and to early adopters of the Telltale Store version of The Devil's Playhouse, the reason being that they came with unlockable Team Fortress 2 items (Steam cross-game unlocks are probably the reason why Poker Night 2 is not available in the Telltale Store).
    At this time, those are the two games for which Telltale Store customers can get free Steam keys.
    When the first episode of the Walking Dead was released, an issue prevented the Telltale Store version from being released at the same time as the Steam version and Telltale offered Steam keys to people who'd pre-ordered the game from the Telltale Store to make up for the wait.
    Finally, at the end of last year, MattP got access to a limited number of keys for Jurassic Park and the two Puzzle Agent games. They were given away between December 22, 2011 and January 2, 2012.
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    Removed the comment for the reason of not having been able to make my point without pissing out of the pot. Summary: It's neat to have one's game library all in one place like Steam. Given that both the Telltale and Steam versions of the games are digitally distributed and even for the same platform (PC), i'm surprised that, and curious of why, we can't have a way to get Steam keys for our purchased games without paying full price again.
  • disappointing... bought the game thinking i would be able to register it on steam and have access to the achievements... no idea why some of these telltale games will register with steam and others wont.

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