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Good ways to pass the time until season 2.

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Does anybody have any good ideas to hold yourself over until season 2?

Here is mine:
If you have friends that are gamers, you could all gather up and replay season one with each other. Heck, you can do this with people who aren't normally interested in video games, you can get them into the series!

Sounds cheesy but I noticed when I was playing with my brother that this game is a lot more fun playing as a group so you can debate about choices.
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  • Yeah I know Bio I saw it, what's your fanfic about? Also can I message the final question?
  • Wait a second rewind, you have a girlfriend Bio, a minecraft playing girlfriend, well done Bio I'm happy for ya. :)
  • Yes you can, send it now if you want, I will answer it tomorrow, it's two AM over here, and the Fan Fic is set in Savannah, focused mostly on the early days of Crawford, with me and a few friends in there, along with Booker and Elizabeth and a few other zombie game characters I like, you can be in it if you want.
  • Hell yeah I wanna be in Bio, TeamKennyAlways, everyone survivor group wants me with them cause I'm badass. You must be devoted to the forums if your stay up at 2 am, it's 7:03 am over here.
  • Why not, okay any other questions?
  • Bio, you gotta tell me how Booker and Elizabeth are in there! Did they revive them like Nick Fury did in The Avengers?
  • It can be explained through the ending, this is spoilerish stuff so unless someone knows how to blank stuff out my next post will have spoilers.
  • To do the spoilers tag you type [ SPOILER] at the start of your spoiler and type [ /SPOILER]
    At the end
  • Wanna here about my fanfic? You do good well here you go [SPOILER] It's in 3rd person but from Kenny's point of view if that makes sense, it's starts out when he escapes the alley and then he continues towards the marsh house while looking back at what has happen such as Lee's choices, Katjaa and Duck and how things have changed. It goes in depth of his thoughts and giving up and what he's gonna do after it's all over, we also see what he thinks of the other characters and what he will do for his pal Lee [/SPOILER] there you go.
  • I'll be playing Payday 2. Playing the beta right now, and it's awesome. Robbing banks, and trafficking drugs and such.
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