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400 Days Character that will die the worst death

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Im sure a few of the 400 Days characters will die, some more gruesome than others ( feel free to share some opinions ) I think Wyatt or bonnie will have the worst death for some reason, we can all judge when season 2 is over next year. Hopefully i wont miss out a character when typing up the poll

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  • Bonnie. Fragile. Desperate. She's already sad enough as it is. Add the fact that she's so trusting and (in my game, at least) honest, she just screams "victim" to me. She kinda reminds me of Ben.
  • I think Vince as he is the kind of guy who would let himself get killed to save the group. People don't usually die quick or painlessly in that kind of situation.
  • Eddie or Omid. Both fan-favorites, both good people and both funny. All signs of imminent death in The Walking Dead. Bonnie might also get some bad karma from killing Dee.
  • My instinct tells me that Wyatt is going to die horribly but I voted Clive because screw that guy.
  • You don't just hate Clive, that afro man, enough said.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;825843 said:
    You don't just hate Clive, that afro man, enough said.
    There are plenty of reasons to hate that douch--I mean dude.
  • I was being sarcastic, he might not be the nicest person who ever lived, but still afro, to be honest I am not a fan of him ether.
  • I think a lot of them will suffer shitty deaths.
  • My gut tells me it's gonna be Wyatt. You know what they say about overweight people and zombie apocalypse...
  • Out of the ones you listed I think that Shel, Becca, Vince, Bonnie, Wyatt, Russel, Christa, Omid, Nate (as an antagonist) will appear and also possibly Tavia and Eddie as minor characters. I feel like Wyatt will suffer the most gruesome death, and Christa and/or Omid will have the saddest deaths. I think at least one of them will die, possibly Omid first, and Christa will survive till nearer the end because of the whole pregnancy thing but might still die anyway just a bit later than Omid.
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