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Build Clementine a Family

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She needs:
A father
A mother
A brother/sister (just one or the other)
An aunt/uncle (again, just one or the other)
A grandpa/grandma (one or the other)

Use any 5 characters alive or dead--no more, no less. You can choose to use only alive characters for more of a challenge. Focus more on what the characters can provide for Clementine rather than their relationship towards each other. The father and mother don't have to be a valid couple to be parental figures for Clem.

My family:
Father: Lee (obvious)
Mother: Katjaa (A very motherly figure, provides words of hope and can take care of injuries)
Sister: Molly (Can teach Clem cool survival techniques)
Uncle: Omid (A fun uncle for her to joke around with)
Grandpa: Chuck (Provides words of wisdom, music, and candy)
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  • Father: Lee (obviously he would do everything to protect her)
    Mother: Carley (Lee was romantic with her and I think Clemenitne liked her too)
    Brother: Duck (they had a great relationship, you could she how gutted she was when he was dead)
    Uncle: Kenny (because he has an awesome moustache)
    Grandfather: Chuck (like you said he gave her candy and had her best interest in mind even though he told her she was gonna die but he had his reasons, he saved her is episode 4 he cared)
  • For my alive-only list (alive-only meaning not confirmed dead)
    Father: Leland (An odd choice probably but he helped Bonnie through her withdrawal and that's gotta count for something)
    Mother:Christa (Responsible and good with a gun)
    Sister: Shel (With Lee out of the picture, she needs more emotional guidance than Molly can provide)
    Uncle: Omid (Still awesome)
    Grandpa: Boyd (Pretty much the only nice old person left)
  • Father: Lee ( Who else , Ben ? )
    Mother: Carley ( If it wasn't for Lilly , it seemed like both Lee and Carley would of become a couple and possibly Clem's official parents because she really cared about Clem like episode 1 she asks you if you fed her and if you did she says you are a great caretaker , in episode 2 she refuses her ration so Lee and Clem won't starve and she gave her the batteries at the end of episode 2 . )
    Sister: Shel or Becca
    Uncle: Either Omid , Wyatt or Eddie :D ( If Nate wasn't such a nut case , he would make a great uncle ) .
    Grandfather: Chuck ( or Larry ) :D i can imagine he would tell Clem war stories .
  • I chose only people who are either alive or unknown since otherwise it would be to easy.
    Father: Omid. He's her favourite, isn't he?
    Mother: Shel. She may be too young, but she'll take care of her as if she was Becca.
    Sister: Becca. She's more or less her age. She may tease Clem a little, but that's normal among siblings.
    Uncle: Justin. He could teach her useful things like building a pyramid scheme or fiscal fraud :D More seriously, he's kind of a jerk, but I would rather trust him with Clem over Wyatt or Eddie since he tries to avoid trouble.
    Granpa: Leland. Again, he may be too young for this role, but he is a good man and all the old people I like are dead in my playthrough.
  • Dad: Lee, Not even a real dad and I'd still call him father of the year.
    Mother: Carley, she's very protective and smart.
    Sister: Molly, she'd train Clem to be a badass when she's older.
    Uncle: Omid, a funny and caring dude.
    Grandpa: Chuck, has wisdom and candy.
  • I'm using living people only or those we know for sure aren't confirmed dead.
    Father: Omid
    Mother: Christa
    Brother/Sister: Christa's Baby or Becca
    Uncle: Kenny (I believe he is alive Damnit!)
    Grandpa: Leland
  • I don't like the idea of composing a "family" for Clementine out of surviving members, most of whom she doesn't know, so I'm going to go with the "in a perfect world" version. Say, something goes differently in those three months between Episodes 1 and 2, the original group is intact and holed up somewhere safe. They proceed to live as normal lives, as they can get in a zombie apocalypse scenario. So my family version would go like this.

    Father: Lee. Well, duh, if he was alive, that's really a no brainer.

    Mother: Carley. In many cases she's like the female version of Lee.
    Protective, kind hearted, capable to defend herself and others (this puts her above Katja in my books). Also in romance with Lee, so they feel more like an actual parent couple.

    Brother: Duck. I would have said Molly for an elder sister, but in this scenario, she never joins the group, so Duck it is. Being the only other child ever encountered by the group, it's also an easy choice.

    Uncle: Kenny, since he's the best friend of my Lee. Also shown protectiveness towards Clementine, and if Lee's unavailable, he's the deputy "father" for Clem. As an alternative, if Lee is TeamLilly, Lilly fits the aunt role just as well (so long as she doesn't straight up murder the mother -_-)

    Grandpa: Larry. Yeah, I know the guy constantly gives crap to Lee, but isn't that kinda required from grandparents to parents? :D Regardless of him being a dick to everyone else, he seems to have a soft spot for Clementine, going as far as to threaten Lee if anything should happen to her. It's a shame we never saw them conversing, I bet it would have been hilarious. So I support that big old "softie" for grandfather.

    Yeah, my options are completely unoriginal and obvious, but being not a big fan of Omid/Christa as parental figures for Clem, and not wanting to use people she doesn't know (or hardly knows), these choices are kinda the only option for me.
  • Father: Lee
    Mother: Carley (Lee, Carley and Clem were the perfect family!)
    Sister: Molly
    Uncle: Omid
    Grandfather: Chuck or Leland
  • Father: Lee Everett
    Mother: Christa
    Brother: Ben
    Uncle: Kenny
    Grandfather: Chuck
  • marioluigi344;826734 said:
    Father: Kenny
    Mother: Kenny
    Brother: Kenny
    Uncle: Kenny
    Grandfather: Kenny
    Why didn't I think of that, should have made Kenny uncle, I'm gonna go edit my post.
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