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A "hidden" detail in Wyatt's Story (400 Days DLC)

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All right, we all know that all the stories in the 400 Days DLC are somehow related. But one thing I noticed while playing Wyatt's Story is that, when Eddie is telling that boring story about his ex-girlfriend Abigail, if you wait for a bit without saying anything (or choose the option "..."), Eddie will tell that she saw at the circus a guy with lobster hands (among other stuff).
At Bonnie's story, right at the beginning, Leland asks to Bonnie if she would prefer to have lobster claws for hands or a snake for a tongue.

I know this little "easter egg" is pretty small and doesn't add anything, but it's still funny. Any of you noticed it before? And did you find another of those tiny "easter eggs" (if there are more)?

Ps.: Yeah, I know it could be just a coincidence, but I don't think it is, since TTG put a lot of hidden details that connects the stories.
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