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400 Days Character that will die the worst death

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Im sure a few of the 400 Days characters will die, some more gruesome than others ( feel free to share some opinions ) I think Wyatt or bonnie will have the worst death for some reason, we can all judge when season 2 is over next year. Hopefully i wont miss out a character when typing up the poll

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  • Oprah will die a slow painful death before she gives Vince a new car
  • I voted Nate because I think he may be an antagonist in season 2 and usually antagonists tend to have gruesome ends.
  • I think it'll be Russell, if Nate shows up. In my game, I left him, so telling a psychopath to go fuck himself isn't exactly a recipe for a long, painless life. I'm surprised he let Russell out of there as it is.
  • I think that is the case, he seemed upset if you walk out, and you have seen what happens to the people who he does not trust.
  • I voted for Wyatt though I think it could also be Tavia trying to protect the group (if she really is as innocent as she seems) or Nate who I seem to think will come looking for Russell or come across the community by chance.

    I think Bonnie will be the biggest surprise. She's definitely one of if not the weakest person, but I think for that reason alone, she'll prove everyone wrong, toughen up and survive. At least til 4/5. Look at Ben for example. He was weak and always screwing up and still lasted til 4/5.
  • Christa. I predict there will be a tragic scene with her and her baby
  • deep.rock;826943 said:
    Christa. I predict there will be a tragic scene with her and her baby
    eww mabey she will get eaten during child birth.........
  • Well I can very sadly say without question that one of those two are going to die this season, maybe both who knows, but Christa and Omid will not be walking out into the sunset alive by the end.
  • no doubt Christa and/or Omid will die. they were extremely lucky in season 1to survive, no way that luck is going to last.:( I really like them too, which means they'll definitely die.
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