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Lets clear his up NOW ( Vince + Glenn NOT brothers )

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Yes they are both Asian American, dont mean shit.

Alot of people are saying " yeah dude but in the Comics Glenn said he was in thats what Vince helped him out with......."

NO!!! THIS IS WRONG AND IDIOTIC, for 2 reasons.

Number 1.

Int he Comic, Glen ends up in a prison, you would think that he would mention that his BROTHER was also on his way to Prison before the zombies, you could argue that he said it off panel but what ever.

Number 2.

YES glenn was in Debut and yes Vinces brother was in trouble, but you are putting 2 and 2 together and getting 28, In the comics, you see a " FINAL WARNING " letter in Glens car, Obviously he Owes SOME KIND OF FORMAL COMPANY MONEY.....Mabey he took out a legit loan from a bank, who knows, and Vinces brother was most likley in trouble with some GANGSTA types because if Vinces brother owed the bank a lot of money, why the hell would Vince go shoot someone? Its insane, think about it, Hell i love my own sister but if she borrowed money and could not pay the bank back i would help her by loaning her money....Not shooting the bank manager.....see my point? I hope we can now stop with the whole VINCE - GLEN BRO theory because its retarded, not EVERYONE in TWD is connected ya know.
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