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TWD Season 2 speculation/suggestion (merged threads)

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In the coming months, Telltale Games will release three more episodes of their adventure game The Walking Dead. They won't stop there, though. Telltale marketing executive Steve Allison said that they will create a second season eventually as well.

"Following the digital release of our fifth episode we will also be coming to North American retail shortly thereafter and this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do," Allison told Polygon.

The Walking Dead has been a huge critical and commercial success for Telltale. The first episode, "A New Day," sold almost 1.7 million copies in its first two months. It's said to be the company's fastest-selling game ever.

The game starts before the events of the Walking Dead show and comic. Lee Everett, a man convicted of murder, has been unexpectedly free as a zombie outbreak sweeps the globe. He and a small group of survivors band together in order to stay alive. As Lee, players must endure zombie attacks as well as internal strife among the survivors.

It's not clear whether the second season of the game will be a direct continuation of the first season. They might just decide to tell a new story with a completely different cast of characters. I'd be happy with either. The writing for these games has proven top-notch so I have faith that Telltale could craft another compelling set of survivors for us to follow.

Episode 3 of Walking Dead will be available in August. "Following the digital release of our fifth episode we will also be coming to North American retail shortly thereafter and this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do."
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  • DomeWing333;825811 said:
    Pshh. Becca's fronting like crazy in the DLC. She talks big but can't bring herself to do the dirty work when it comes down to it. Clem's cleavered a guy in the shoulder and then shot him. Then again, that was to save Lee and not herself and she's probably too nice to go to those extremes in self-defense.
    Blaming teenage girl for some empathy left. That's crazy.
  • Omid's cat;826596 said:
    Blaming teenage girl for some empathy left. That's crazy.
    Well, she could have some more. Her immediate reaction to Stephanie trying to run away was "Burn the witch!!". Ok, maybe more like shoot the witch, but still.
  • Yeah, the problem isn't that she's empathetic. It's that she thinks empathy is a bad thing and so she tries to hide it when that's the last thing that her sister wants. Becca doesn't really want to kill Stephanie, she just thinks she has to seem like she wants to but then chickens out when someone calls her bluff. Clementine is just the opposite. She very clearly shows that she doesn't want to hurt people but is willing to do so if it means saving someone she cares for. It's what makes her a hero and Becca a coward.
  • Anyone eles can't wait for season 2?
  • Who wouldn't be?

    I also cannot wait to play their other upcoming game, The Wolf Among Us, too.
  • Me to, I believe everyone is wanted season 2, hell if my dog and cat could talk they would want it also.
  • Um, you should probably post in this thread:

    And to answer your question, I'm not particular excited for season 2. I never liked the idea of future seasons simply because season 1 stood out by itself as a perfect story. I wouldn't want other seasons to protrude the story.

    And after 400 Days came out, the idea of season 2 came less like-able to me after it seems that Tavia's community is a big plot point. My least favorite storylines in TWD have come from communities.

    Let's just say I'm much more hyped for The Wolf Among Us than season 2.
  • I understand your concerns, I honestly have my concerns, but maybe the Settlement might turn out to be not a big plot point.
  • i hear ya,a settlement seems weak as a plot,when you think there are these interesting groups like Vernons,bandits,loners,bikers,gangs,weirdos,,i don't want any settlement communities or science labs appearing.
  • What does this mean?! Is he alive or dead or a walker or worse and I don't know - Ben reference ;) I was thinking if we see him alive he's gonna be a cameo at the 'safe haven' or we go back to Savannah to see how he escaped his death.
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