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Why did Kenny stay behind with Ben?

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He had enough time to lock Lee inside the fenced off bit so surely he had enough time to quickly shoot Ben in the head and climb up the ladder with Lee. It might be a little bit mean this way but there's not much point in dying (probably) just so Ben has a couple more seconds of living
It seems so unnecessary, I don't understand why he stuck around. Am I the only one who thought this?
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  • Kenny knew he wasn't getting Ben out of there. Heck, he locks off his only viable escape route if you try to talk him out of it.
  • True, but if he wanted to die then why did he fight back and then run away from the horde instead of just stand still?
  • I have two theories for this. The first being a goof on the developers part. What do I mean like that. Remember back in episode when when getting the pharmacy keys, and the Doug says "Watch out." Then they show the walkers. Clearly the dev's intended that the walkers turned then Doug called "Run." But it can be interpreted in others. The same may go for here. The intention of devs may have been for the walkers to be too close that Kenny could either try to save Ben or Leave him, though with how the game panned out it seems like there was a plethora of time.

    My other theory is that Kenny wouldn't give up on Ben, and so he stayed behind with him "You stay around for those you care you don't just end it cause it's hard." I think Kenny finally cared for Ben, and so he stuck it out with him.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;827567 said:
    True, but if he wanted to die then why did he fight back and then run away from the horde instead of just stand still?
    The desire to go down fighting as an alternative to direct suicide perhaps?

    It's like he says, his outcome would either be helping Ben, who was clearly beyond saving, or seeing Katjaa again.
  • True, but if he really wanted to die then why does the other "death" seem very unsuicide like.
  • Different scenarios equating to different thought processes?

    I guess you can chalk up the end results to writer's convenience either way. I was just giving my interpretation of the Ben ending scenario.
  • I know, I like to think it was not suicide, we really do not know for sure.
  • Pell3t;827494 said:
    If you think about everybody in his group were already dead. Lee was bit and ben was dying. and we barely met christa and omid like 2 3 days ago so what did he have left
  • Kenny treated Ben badly and when Ben went off Kenny felt sorry so he stayed with him when Ben fell to make up for it.
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