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The Bundle Bundle Indie Bundle

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So, instead of creating yet another thread for each and every new bundle, let's just make one unified thread about bundles. Humble Indie Bundle. Indie Royale Bundle. Indie Gala Bundle. Bundle of Bundles with Bundling Bundles Bundle With The Obligatory Word Indie Indie Bundle. Doesn't matter!

But anyway, as of now, these are the currently running bundles I know of:

Humble Indie Bundle

The Humble Indie Bundle is a bundle where you pay what you want. Nothing more, nothing less.

Current bundle: Humble Indie Bundle for Android #2
Zen Bound 2
Avadon: the Black Fortress
Beat the average to get Swords & Soldiers

Former bundles:

Humble Bundle Mojam
Pay what you want for three games, developed in a timespan of 60 hours
Mojang: Catacomb Snatch
Oxeye Game Studio: Fists of Resistance
Wolfire Games: The Broadside Express

Humble Indie Bundle for Android
Beat the average to receive:
World of Goo
Toki Tori

Humble Indie Bundle #4
Super Meat Boy
Night Sky (regular and HD version)
Jamestown (plus Soundtrack)
Pay more than average and get
Gratious Space Battles

Indie Gala Bundle

The Indie Gala Bundle is exactly like the Humble Indie Bundle, but with the difference in that you will only get Steam keys. Also, the sale ends when all bundles have been sold out.

Current bundle: Indie Gala #3
Trapped Dead
Greed: Black Borders
Future Wars
Pay more than the average to get:
Grotesque Tactics
Twin Sector

Former bundles:

Indie Gala #2
Critical Mass
Fortix 2
Bunch Of Heroes
Hacker Evolution
Fruit Blitz (Android)
Casey Lalonde - Skitter EP
Giraffage - Comfort
The Numbers - Beautiful EP
Robot Science - Good Luck
Beat the average to get:
Greed Corp
Casey LaLonde - Thank You
Jack Butler - Fit The Paradigm
Robot Science - Square
Pay even more to receive Indie Gala #1

Indie Gala #1
Zombie Shooter 2
Hacker Evolution: Duality
Your Doodles Are Bugged!
Pay more than the average and get:
Zombie Shooter 1
Hacker Evolution: Untold
inMomentum Original Soundtrack the official soundtrack of InMomentum, composed by Gareth Coker
Your Doodles Are Bugged! Bonus doodles
Zombie Shooter Main Theme
Also as a bonus game for the extended time:

Indie Royale

The Indie Royale Bundle is a bundle where you pay a minimum price, but with a catch. With each subsequent purchase, the price will increase. You can however lower this price for other people if you pay enough money.

Current bundle: Lightning NINJA Pack
Ancients of Ooga
Cloning Clyde
A Kingdom for Keflings
Outpost Kaloki

Former bundles:

St. Patrick's Day Bundle
Hard Reset
Jolly Rover
Vertex Dispenser
DLC Quest
BONUS: Lair of the Evildoer

Alpha Collection
Wyv and Keep

The Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered
Dino D-Day
The Oil Blue
People who pre-ordered or paid enough to lower the price will receive Rush Coil's '8-Bit Christmas' chiptune

Nuclear Dawn
Max & The Magic Marker
Super Crossfire
Pay more than the minimum or pre-order and get George & Jonathan's raved-about electronic chiptune funk album 'Beautiful Lifestyle'

Serious Sam: First and Second Encounter
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
Serious Sam: Double D
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!
Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter

The Indie Face Kick Bundle
This so far is the bundle that is both the most expensive (base price is $10, pre-orders get 20% discount), but also has a decent amount of games.

Current bundle: Indie Face Kick Wham Bam Bundle
Booster Trooper
Dead Horde
Sol Survivor
Still Life 2
Greed: Black Border
Pay for the Indie Face Kick Wham Bam Pow! Bundle and get a limited edition t-shirt as a bonus

Little Big Bunch

Just like most of the pay-what-you-want bundle, you can pay what you want, as long as it's at least 1.50 in your own currency. Also note that this uses its own distribution service, meaning that there are no Desura or Steam keys.

Alternative url:

Little Big Bunch

Current bundle: none

Previous bundles:

Bundle #1
Frozen Synapse
New Star Soccer 5
Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey
Serious Sam: Double D


Apparently this bundle is specifically made for Christmas, at least for Christmas 2011, but if it changes, I'll update it. It's exactly like the other bundles, only you pay once, and gift the game to how many friends you gift it to.

Current bundle: none

Former bundles:

The Indie Game Christmas Bundle
Captain Backwater
Absolute Blue
Temple Of Tangram
Break the average and get the UNRELEASED easy to use Level Editor for Captain Backwater
Pay at least $6.99 and you'll get an additional mp3 soundtrack for free

Indie Games Sixpack

The Indie Games Sixpack has a fixed price, but you'll get a discount if you share it on Facebook.

Current bundle: none

Indie Game Music Bundle

The Indie Game Music Bundle isn't a bundle that gives away games, but soundtracks to indie games. The minimum price is $1, but pay a bit more and you can get bonus albums.

Current bundle: none

Former bundles:

Bundle #2
Sword & Sworcery
To the Moon
Indie Mashup EP: Sharing is Caring
Pay more than $10 to get:
8-bit Pimp
Mighty Switch Force
Cat Astro Phi
Machinarum Bonus EP
Tower of Heaven
Eternal Daughter
Songs for the Cure
Shuttle Scuttle
Add $5 to your total and receive bundle #1, which contains:
Minecraft: Volume Alpha
Super Meat Boy: Digital Soundtrack
PPPPPP (soundtrack to VVVVVV)
Impostor Nostalgia
Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion
A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda
Return All Robots!
Mighty Milky Way / Mighty Flip Champs
Tree of Knowledge
Top contributors get special prizes

The AGS Bake Sale Bundle

A bundle full of games made with the Adventure Game Studio engine. There is a minimum price, but all proceeds go to Child's Play Charity. Might be a one-time bundle.

Current bundle:
9 Months In
Abner The Amazing
Barn Runner: The Rich Dame Who Cut The Cheese
Ben Chandler, Paranormal Investigator - In Search Of The Sweets Tin
Escape The Barn
Falling Skyward
Indiana Rodent and the Raiders Of The Lost Cheese
The Rail
RAM Ghost
Red Volition
Zombie Attack

A collection of bundles, both for indie music as well as indie games. You pay a minimum of $1, and part of the proceeds go to charity.

Current bundle: none

Former bundles:

Be Mine Indie Game Bundle
An indie bundle where pay what you want with a minimum of $1, and where you get Steam activation codes.
Groupees Be Mine Special EP
Xotic (PC)
Sideway New York (PC)
Wasteland Angel (PC)
BEEP (Mac, PC)
The Ball (PC)
WXP Games DLCs (Mac)
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals (PC)


If there are any other bundles or any updates on any bundles, feel free to post them. Also a nice place to discuss older bundles and how much your bundle is better than others.

Also, I type too much.
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  • There's some newfangled Indie Bundle over at Indie Royale, but they're games selected by a woman, so {Insert something sexist here}.

    Yeah, you heard me.

    - Antipole
    - Chester
    - Dead Pixels
    - LaserCat
    - Little Racers STREET
    - Orbitron: Revolution
    - Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos
    - Spyleaks

    All on Desura (except Dead Pixels, which is also on Steam). Pretty sure they're PC only, but I could be wrong.

    Also - we're all Masters of Strategy, right? Well if not, you can fix that for £2.34 (or equivalent).

    - Earth 2016
    - Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire
    - Patrician IV: Steam Edition
    - Restaurant Empire 2
    - Tropico 3: Steam Edition

    All on Windows, all on Steam.
  • Indiegala Summertide

    Miner Warfare
    Doom & Destiny
    Space Pirates And Zombies
    Trainz Simulator 12
    Exceed - Gun Bullet Children
    Aura: Fate Of The Ages
    Exceed 2nd - Vampire Rex
    Painkiller: Recurring Evil
    TS 12 - Aerotrain & Coronation Scott DLCs
  • Here's the latest Humble Weekly Sale.

    - Democracy 2 (beat the average for this one)
    - Gratuitous Space Battles
    - Gratuitous Tank Battles
    - Kudos 2

    Can't be bothered to check/list platforms, since these games are all extremely 'meh'.
  • It's all a go at the moment, isn't it. Here's the Adventure / Role Playing Groupee build-a-bundle.

    - Aztaka
    - Ben There, Dan That! / Time Gentlemen, Please!
    - Pickers
    - Reef Shot
    - Rune Classic
    - They Breathe
    - Vox

    ...that's a frankly pathetic selection. There's barely two good picks in the whole lot.
  • Humble Bundle goes back to being somewhat less Humble and dips back into that sweet Saint's Row fountain.

    The "Humble" Deep Silver Bundle



    $1+ for:

    Saint's Row the Third
    Saint's Row 2
    Risen 2
    Sacred 2 Gold

    BTA(I thought this was a flat $4.54 before, but it's changing so I guess it's BTA):

    Saint's Row the Third: The Full Package
    Dead Island


    Dead Island: Riptide

    The bundle also comes with:

    MP3 soundtracks for Saint's Row 2 and Risen 2

    MP3 and FLAC soundtracks for Saint's Row the Third.
  • Ah shit. And I just bought Risen 2 in the steam sale.. -_-
    (Might still buy though for sacred 2 and Saints Row DLC)
  • I bought Risen 2 during the sale too, but I guess I can't be too too mad because there's no way we could have forseen this bundle coming.
  • At this point I expect any and all games to be 'bundled'.
  • Apparently the key to Saints Row 3 Full Package doesn't provide all the DLC if you already had Saints Row 3 >_<

    EDIT: Oh, sorry, apparently it does, it just took a bit for it to update on the store pages for me.
  • There's a new Humble Weekly Sale up. This time with games from 1C Company.

    Pay what you want for:

    King's Bounty: The Legend (Windows/Mac) (DRM-free/Steam)
    King's Bounty: Armored Princess (Windows/Mac) (DRM-free/Steam)
    Men of War (Windows) (Steam)
    Men of War: Red Tide (Windows) (Steam)

    Beat the average for:

    King's Bounty: Crossworlds (Windows) (DRM-free/Steam)
    Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY (Windows) (Steam)
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