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The Ultimate Group of Badassery from across the entire Walking Dead Franchise!

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Imagine this group lives in a fortified town like Woodbury or Alexandria Safe Zone. While it's a great group I think they would eventually split up since there are so many alpha males in the group there would be one hell of a leadership struggle.

image Game Lee
image Game Kenny
image Game Lily
image Game Carley
image TV Show Rick
image TV Show Shane
image TV Show Daryl
image TV Show Herschel (Every group needs an old wise guy)
image TV Show Maggie
image Game/Comic Glenn
image Comic Andrea
image Comic Michonne
image Comic Abraham
image Comic Carl
image Game Clem
image Comic Tyreese

image TV Show Merle
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  • I think the same as you Crixus ... Dave TV was not the Dale i liked in the comic ... He is just ridiculous in the TV show .... I don't understand why they did that ... The scen with the cannibalism in the comic is so awesome ....

    My team would be : Lee, Rick (as leader), Andrea, Glenn, Tyressee and Michonne (I hope we can have 6 choices haha !! )
  • My dream Team: Larry, The Govener(Comics), Shane (Show), Ben(Game), Danny St. John, Merle Dixon

    Yeah they would do so well

    My real Dream Team
    Leaders- Rick(Show)- Ricktatorship all the way, though he may end up getting everyone killed.
    Lee- Obviously. My Lee would have been a great Leader.
    Lilly(Game)- She is a good leader sometimes, luckily she won't be leading on her own in this group.

    Others- Larry- As long as Lilly lives Larry would do all he can to protect her.
    Shane(Show)- Without Whory here he may not turn as twisted thinking everyone turns against him
    Carley- She is a hell of a shot.
    Kenny and family- Kenny is great and with his family he would be even better also Katjaa is a medic.
    Clem- Obviously she is the best kid in the franchise.
    Daryl- He gets a lot of shit done, and he gets it done well
    Glen(Comics)- He is just an amazing scavenger
  • Off topic but I've notice people don't want Clem to turn out like Carl (comic) why is this? What does Carl turn out like anyway? I don't know I don't read the comics.
  • He becomes a heartless child, you think Becca is bad, you have not yet seen what Carl can do.
  • He's heartless? Worse than Becca (f*cking Becca) why what happened, was it because he saw a lot of sh*t?
  • Many reasons, he does see many deaths of many people he liked, including his mother and sister, and he himself gets shot in the head, and still lives, that is just a few reasons.
  • His mother died and his sister, he got shot in the head and lived?! Wow no wonder he's like how he is, how does he act anyway, is he really depressive all the time?
  • TeamKennyAlways;827598 said:
    Off topic but I've notice people don't want Clem to turn out like Carl (comic) why is this? What does Carl turn out like anyway? I don't know I don't read the comics.
    He's much younger than his tv show counterpart. [SPOILER]At just eight years old, his mother and infant sister get killed. Later on, half of his face gets shot off at Alexandria. He makes many rash mistakes in the comics, like killing a small child and taking matters into his own hands. [/SPOILER]

    He's my least favorite TWD character. Kirkman, however, is practically keeping him alive so he'll be "the last one standing."

    I hate his attitude, and I would not want Clem to turn out like him. Hell, Becca is MUCH more likable then him.

    EDIT: I don't read the comics anymore, so I have no clue if he's depressed. However, I have seen him adopt the whole "emo" look covering up the exposed skull, so I suppose.
  • That is what I mean when I say Becca gets way to much hate, I am going to guess that the people that hate Becca have never seen Carl.
  • Never seen Carl and hate Becca, well.... Sh*t.
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