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Who Did You Think Was Stealing Supplies in Episode 3?

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Let's go back to the old mystery that we were all trying to solve so long ago.
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  • So can we all just say after almost a year since Episode 3 came out, that Ben tripped and broke that flashlight and then just ran away.
  • First Duck, lol.

    Until I talked to Ben, then it became really obvious. "Oh, you've been reading the bible, Ben? No way you could have done it then." Rofl.
  • KilledLarry;827094 said:
    you mean you FOUND OUT its ben? XD
    No, I DECIDED it was Ben. I decide who's guilty of what, my thoughts MAKE IT HAPPEN. I willed it to be Ben, and then I willed him to confess! I willed the supplies to magically disappear in the first place, and my thoughts caused Larry to have a heart attack! The St. Johns didn't place that bear trap in the middle of the woods for David to step in, my MIND did. Tread carefully, sir, or YOU may be next.
  • I thought Clem. The game did a pretty damn good job making her look suspicious... talking on the phone, the fact it was her chalk, etc. I'd assumed somebody was blackmailing her for her parents (I was, in hindsight, totally correct) and forcing her to steal stuff.
  • I thought it was Ben. When you ask him about the flashlight, guilt is just written on his face. I understand that he might be terrified if Lilly asked him, but when he almost pissed his pants at Lee asking, I knew something was up. He's never reacted that way to Lee talking to him, so... had to be something. I also suspected Carley for maybe a fraction of a second, she did dodge the flashlight question spectacularly. But in the end I figured she's too trustworthy for that. Oh, and I also grew suspicious of Duck when he found the exact chalk I was looking for. But in the end I figured he's too stupid to successfully steal supplies. So yeah, Ben it was.
  • I think I thought either Kenny or Lee.
  • I never thought it was her, I guess I trusted Clem way to much, and I have no regrets for trusting Clementine.
  • Ben: "Wait, what you're accusing me of breaking the flashlight?! HOW DARE YOU?! I DID NOT! I DID NAWT!!"
    It wasn't that big of a mystery IMO.
  • That1Guy;827408 said:
    Ben: "Wait, what you're accusing me of breaking the flashlight?! HOW DARE YOU?! I DID NOT! I DID NAWT!!"
    It wasn't that big of a mystery IMO.
    Yeah, but it's Ben. He freaked out when Lee asked him if he came down to Macon a lot.
  • At first I had no idea, then at the RV I suspected it could be someone from outside OR Lilly herself trying to blame Carley. At the end, I thought it could be Ben because he was desperate, trying to evade the questions Lilly made him. Turns out I was right. 8)
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