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How much did you cry in Season 1?

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How much did you cry in Season 1? Honestly, I didn't cry throughout the game. I came really close though when Kenny (Favorite character) and Ben (4th favorite character) died in the same scene in Episode 5. Though Kenny might not be dead, but who cares. When Lee died, I didn't cry or go halfway. How about you? Did you cry at all? If so, when did you cy?
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  • it was sad when i lost Kenny in the dark room where he made my guy drop the walkietalkie. i almost cried when Clem had to kill my guy but i was happy in the end where she sees the two people in the distance which i think are omid and his girl friend (i cant recall his girlfriends name.)
  • jdogg678910;827074 said:
    (i cant recall his girlfriends name.)
    Christa (I don't like her)
  • I didn't cry at all until the very end when Lee was about to die. Then I bawled like a baby.
  • Laugh it up good, Telltale, you dun made me cry a lot.

    I didn't shed any tears until episode 3. At that point I kinda didn't think I would!

    Sooo wrong. I was in shock when Carley got killed. The crying came when the group piled into the RV minus 2, after realizing I'd never get to share another sweet moment with Carley again.

    Of course, my cries turned into complete hysterics for the brief moment I thought Clem had turned into a walker. Carley dying seemed like the end of the world, but Lee's nightmare wiped that stupid notion from my head as I realized we still had plenty to fight for.

    I also couldn't hold it together seeing the devastated look on Kenny's face as he saw Katjaa laying there and Duck just staring blankly into space. It was just so unexpected. I didn't know what to say, what I could say to help the man.

    Episode 4 I was fine again until the end where it absolutely ruined me. You know what happens!

    Then episode 5 came along. Haha... I thought I had myself prepared to be strong through it and not cry again. I think it goes without saying that after Kenny went out in a blaze of glory I had bro tears streaming down my cheeks all the way to the Marsh House. I held it together again to rescue Clem, but then the floodgates broke and there was no stopping it. I don't remember how long it took me to stop, but that song during the credits truly did not help one bit.
  • I teared up at the Ben/Kenny scene, but at the jewelry store, I'm pretty sure I was just depressed and my eyes were red.

    For some reason, when something important in my life happens, it racks on my brain so much that after it's done, I remember it happened, but I forget what it's like. That's why Episode 5 isn't my favorite of Episodes. I can't even remember my reaction to it. I can't tell if I was somber, or tense. It sucks!
  • TinyCarlos;826030 said:
    i dont even know why this is a's obvious what the answer is...

    if you are a heartless person than no
    The way someone reacts to the game isn't determined by Whether or not someone is heartless. People react to stories differently. They may cry at a funeral but not at a game and cry if a real life person was dying etc. Some will cry when they watched the note book. Have you seen the note book and if so did it make you cry? Some will say you are heartless if you didn't cry watching Marley and me, the note book, titanic or any other sad movie. We are not all clones so we will not react the same as each other towards everything. There are things I would have seen that would have made me tearful that probably wouldn't phase you. That's what indivualism is all about.

    There is no shame in crying but I think some people feel that crying after finishing the walking dead game should be standard and if you don’t cry there is something wrong with you which makes them feel less silly for crying over a game because it has made the majority cry so it’s o.k. I’ll say it again it’s o.k to cry when a story moves you there is no shame in it but it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with those that don’t cry. That would be like saying someone didn’t get a joke that they thought was hilarious just because they didn’t laugh.
  • But it is far to say that the majority of people that played the Walking Dead did indeed cry at least one point.
  • I thought the game was sad overall. I didn't cry or get tearful when I finished the game. Not because i'm macho but I was prepared for death going into the story, it's the walking dead. To be honest I felt more anger than sadness. I was furious when Carly was shot because I felt it came out of nowhere and I couldn't understand why Lilly would kill Carly after one argument when Kenny had been riding her and provoking her for months and didn't stop during her 1 weeks grieving process. I liked Lilly but I felt the game was manipulating me as a player by making me dislike Lilly because I was meant to by that point in the story like a pantomime villain. In my fury I left Lilly on the road side in my first play through but then in my second play through I felt that was how Telltale wanted me to react so I would feel better about her exit, since she was, at the time "Woodbury bound".

    Then I was furious when Lee died before getting Clementine back to Christa. It made me feel like I failed. Even Lee in his dialogue apologises to her for not being able to go any further with her. Clem saying the door is right there was just what I was thinking and feeling. Then she ends up leaving Savannah by herself. It kind of reminded me of a scene from the movie vanishing on 7th street because in that movie the protagonist played by Hayden Christensen was just about to escape the city with a kid that he found, he left his place of safety (his vehicle) to go and save a kid that had exited the truck and ran off searching for his mother and that got the protagonist killed because he left his vehicle to chase after the kid and the threat in the movie killed him but the child survived and left the city on horse-back the next morning.

    So, yeah! A good game that was sad but I was more angry than sad by the end of the game. The last game that I remember feeling sad enough to get teary eyed was GTA 4 when Katie died because I didn't see it coming. She was the only good and innocent character in the game. I treated her with respect and didn't even try to sleep with her because I didn't see her like the other girls in the game and I was expecting a happy ending where Niko would marry her and sleep with her but then she got shot because of Niko's criminal activities coming back on him.

    I had tears of joy when I saved Ethan's son in Heavy Rain and had the good ending with Madison and the kid in the new apartment and I got a little teary when I learned the little girl I was controlling in Siren was killed and was really a zombie. The reveal was very upsetting and caught me off guard.

    I don’t think I have been moved to tears after watching any movie though.
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