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Would YOU kill the St Johns?

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Im no hard man, but in that situation, the dead walking, No laws, and of corse the guys tried to make me eat my buddy...I think i would, in real life i have sufferd alot at the hands of bullies or people who saw that i had something and took it because they simply wanted it, I supress it, bottle it up, yes i know thats not wise but what can i do? So yeah, in that situation, that pitch fork would likely end up in his FACE......then after that, my first kill, i doubt i would have the stomach to kill andy...even more so after seeing how he broke down.....
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  • Waffles da da da Waffles da da da Waffles da da da (it's a quote from a cartoon but instead of waffles it's fossils, yeah I watch cartoons got a problem with that?)
  • Yes kill both without a seconds thought,you'd be a fool not too.
  • I didn't kill both when I was playing because of Clem, but it seems like they would have died either way. Andy barely could move after the fight, and Danny was trapped. They were easy targets for the walkers.
  • I chose 'Waffles', but in my game I didn't kill either one of them. Too bad they had to die either way, they were nice people before the apocalypse; but after it, it turned them to horrific monsters eating their own kind. :(
  • I think killing them is merciful. Why would I want to show them mercy? Danny was in pain, his leg was caught in a bear trap that couldn't be opened. Killing him would have ended his pain which is more than he deserved. Even if he did get free how far would he really be able to go? He would never out run the walkers coming through the fence that I sabotaged earlier. As for Andy he was beaten to a pulp and could barely stand let alone run. I like the idea of him being left a broken man believing his family are dead. I told him his family weren't coming to help him which implied I killed them then he broke down.

    Even if he was able to escape the walkers he would have had to flee the farm without going back to the house for weapons. He would have been a target for walkers and the bandits and even if he escaped them and came to the motor inn what could he do without weapons against 6 adults with guns?

    I can see how killing them directly would feel gratifying, a way of saying a final "Fu*k you, I won" but I like to let them see how big the consequences for screwing with us were. The longer they live the longer they suffer and there is no unnecessary blood on my hands. As Rick said to Carl when he said killing humans isn't the same as killing the dead, "it never should be". It shouldn't be easy to kill a person. If the threat can be eliminated without me having to take a life it's even better especially if sparing their lives causes them more suffering.
  • Remember in season 3 Rick didn't kill someone and it came back to bite him and the group in the ass
  • I'll not. Not when Clem there
  • KilledLarry;827125 said:
    really? coz i just wanted her to fuking die lol seriously you spend 4 damm episodes looking after her only to get bit because the little retarded fish monkey human with a dick for a face could not get her head around the fact that her parents were dead..........
    right on, and yes I would because they can come back and be more dangerous the next time (unlikely but possible).
  • (What is it with waffles in polls today? lmao)

    I would have killed them both and felt bad about it. They were human, but they were eating humans. They're just as bad as walkers. <__<
  • WantaFanta;827852 said:
    (What is it with waffles in polls today? lmao)

    I would have killed them both and felt bad about it. They were human, but they were eating humans. They're just as bad as walkers. <__<</div>
    I have no idea it is usually bacon :P.
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