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    There's some newfangled Indie Bundle over at Indie Royale, but they're games selected by a woman, so {Insert something sexist here}.

    Yeah, you heard me.

    - Antipole
    - Chester
    - Dead Pixels
    - LaserCat
    - Little Racers STREET
    - Orbitron: Revolution
    - Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos
    - Spyleaks

    All on Desura (except Dead Pixels, which is also on Steam). Pretty sure they're PC only, but I could be wrong.

    Also - we're all Masters of Strategy, right? Well if not, you can fix that for £2.34 (or equivalent).

    - Earth 2016
    - Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire
    - Patrician IV: Steam Edition
    - Restaurant Empire 2
    - Tropico 3: Steam Edition

    All on Windows, all on Steam.
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    Indiegala Summertide

    Miner Warfare
    Doom & Destiny
    Space Pirates And Zombies
    Trainz Simulator 12
    Exceed - Gun Bullet Children
    Aura: Fate Of The Ages
    Exceed 2nd - Vampire Rex
    Painkiller: Recurring Evil
    TS 12 - Aerotrain & Coronation Scott DLCs
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    Here's the latest Humble Weekly Sale.

    - Democracy 2 (beat the average for this one)
    - Gratuitous Space Battles
    - Gratuitous Tank Battles
    - Kudos 2

    Can't be bothered to check/list platforms, since these games are all extremely 'meh'.
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    It's all a go at the moment, isn't it. Here's the Adventure / Role Playing Groupee build-a-bundle.

    - Aztaka
    - Ben There, Dan That! / Time Gentlemen, Please!
    - Pickers
    - Reef Shot
    - Rune Classic
    - They Breathe
    - Vox

    ...that's a frankly pathetic selection. There's barely two good picks in the whole lot.
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    Humble Bundle goes back to being somewhat less Humble and dips back into that sweet Saint's Row fountain.

    The "Humble" Deep Silver Bundle



    $1+ for:

    Saint's Row the Third
    Saint's Row 2
    Risen 2
    Sacred 2 Gold

    BTA(I thought this was a flat $4.54 before, but it's changing so I guess it's BTA):

    Saint's Row the Third: The Full Package
    Dead Island


    Dead Island: Riptide

    The bundle also comes with:

    MP3 soundtracks for Saint's Row 2 and Risen 2

    MP3 and FLAC soundtracks for Saint's Row the Third.
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    Ah shit. And I just bought Risen 2 in the steam sale.. -_-
    (Might still buy though for sacred 2 and Saints Row DLC)
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    I bought Risen 2 during the sale too, but I guess I can't be too too mad because there's no way we could have forseen this bundle coming.
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    At this point I expect any and all games to be 'bundled'.
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    Apparently the key to Saints Row 3 Full Package doesn't provide all the DLC if you already had Saints Row 3 >_<

    EDIT: Oh, sorry, apparently it does, it just took a bit for it to update on the store pages for me.
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    There's a new Humble Weekly Sale up. This time with games from 1C Company.

    Pay what you want for:

    King's Bounty: The Legend (Windows/Mac) (DRM-free/Steam)
    King's Bounty: Armored Princess (Windows/Mac) (DRM-free/Steam)
    Men of War (Windows) (Steam)
    Men of War: Red Tide (Windows) (Steam)

    Beat the average for:

    King's Bounty: Crossworlds (Windows) (DRM-free/Steam)
    Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY (Windows) (Steam)
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    The Starry Nights Bundle
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    A rogue-like game, some...THING, a tower defence game, another tower defence game and a 3D version of Snake. thanks.
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    The mystery game better be awesome. I wouldn't bet on it though.
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    Two more and I have exactly 50 bundles.
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    Of the set, the 3D snake game is actually good. Not great, but it's interesting and fun.
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    Hey, Let's Build a Doujin Bundle!

    Or rather, let's not, since no-one's heard of ANY of the games involved and they all look 'meh'.
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    Not true! Yatagarasu is in there, which immediately caught my eye. It has been getting a lot of press because it's a 2D fighting game with very high production values made by ex-SNK devs.
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    Oh all right, fine. Here's the list. Remember it's a build-a-bundle, so you need at least two of these.

    CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ (yes, that's actually how it's spelt)
    Cherry Tree High Comedy Club
    Ether Vapor Remaster
    War of the Human Tanks

    ...and the bonuses that are already unlocked:

    War of the Human Tanks OST

    What's remarkable about this bundle is that it really seems to be going out of its way to tell you as little about the games as possible. Plots? Sure. Gameplay? Nope. I don't even know what half the bonus games play like. I'm guessing they're visual novels, but are they? I honestly don't know.
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    Yatagarasu really shouldn't be in a doujin pack. It's by industry professionals and is sold in typical channels, it's not part of the Comiket(and similar conventions)-based doujin game-making culture.

    Croixleur on the other hand totally belongs here, I didn't even know it had a US release(and frankly I find it odd to see that it did). If you ever looked into Japanese Comiket game culture at all, Croixleur probably came up as one of the more polished doujin titles(but it's still, very much, a doujin title).

    I've not heard of Ether Vapor Remaster before, but it seems to be a 2D shooter with an Einhander-esque camera gimmick. I would've thought it was some sort of commercial release of a shooter I wasn't aware of if it wasn't for the unprofessional anime character art they use in the cutscenes, which is what really gives it away as a doujin game.

    Everything else has really poor production values and probably isn't worth looking into at all, and the latter two only if you're really interested in what the doujin space in Japan is putting out.
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    Not into Doujin? How about some Horror games?

    - Avencast: Rise of the Mage
    - Scratches
    - Vigil: Blood Bitterness

    All on Steam, all for 79p or equivalent.
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    I don't even know what half the bonus games play like. I'm guessing they're visual novels, but are they? I honestly don't know.

    Me neither. And I'd be generally interested if they are.
    Even though I might have filled my visual novel quota for the year.
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    Dashing sent me a link to this, which explains that Yousei is the third in a series of visual novels (Jisei and Kansei being the first two), while Cafe 0 is also a VN.

    I REALLY feel like they should have made that clearer. The descriptions only give you the basic premise of the game, and the videos for the bonus games tell you absolutely nothing about the gameplay. How am I supposed to want your games if I don't know what they are? Honestly, Japan...
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    This week's Humble Weekly Sale is the Introversion Software bundle.

    Pay what you want for:
    - Darwinia
    - Defcon
    - Multiwinia
    - Uplink
    Soundtracks and Tech Demos

    ...or beat $19.99 to get Early Access to Prison Architect.
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    ...or beat $19.99 to get Early Access to Prison Architect.

    according to the bundle page it will be 30$ in 24 hours. So decide now.
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    der_ketzer wrote: »
    according to the bundle page it will be 30$ in 24 hours. So decide now.

    Actually it's $24.99 according to the bundle page.
    Pre-order Prison Architect within the first 24 hours of this weekly sale for just $19.99 or more! Afterwards, you can still pre-order the game with a purchase of $24.99 or more.

    Unless it says something else elsewhere on the page.

    Also, I personally think one of the most appealing things about this bundle is one of the bonuses: Uplink, Darwinia, Multiwinia, and DEFCON Source Code Access
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    flesk wrote: »
    Actually it's $24.99 according to the bundle page.

    It said 33% off for the first 24 hours when I last checked. So that would have made it 30$.
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    Yeah, I remember but I didn't do the maths. They've changed it to 37% now. The price is also up to $25 now instead of $24.99. Isn't that a bit early? I thought the deal went up at 20:00 CET last night, but if so, it's been less than 18 hours.
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    Here's the Heroes of Conflict bundle. For $5/£3.86, you get:

    - AirBuccaneers
    - Chaser
    - Dogfight 1942
    - Genesis Rising
    - Men of War: Condemned Heroes
    - Numen: Contest of Heroes
    - [Highlight]Pid[/Highlight]
    - Really Big Sky
    - Sniper: Ghost Warrior
    - [Highlight]Tower Wars[/Highlight]

    All on Steam, all on Win (except the highlighted ones, which are also on Mac).

    I'd recommend this one - some great titles in there.
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    Origin loves charity.
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    Origin loves charity.

    Indeed! LOL.

    (for those who haven't seen it, go to
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    Once again Humble Bundle reiterate their stance that, if you're big enough, the strict DRM-free and multiplatform restrictions they force on the little guys simply don't matter.
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    Not including the Steam version of Sims 3 because of the Starter Pack is a bit of a cop out too.

    Apparently, you do get Battlefield and Sims soundtracks though.
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    Much as I dislike Origin, this is simply too good value to pass up. I just paid £3.33 for:

    [Highlight]Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
    Crysis 2: Maximum Edition
    Dead Space[/Highlight]
    Dead Space 3
    [Highlight]Medal of Honor
    Mirror's Edge[/Highlight]

    ...and for beating the average, I also got:

    Battlefield 3 (& OST)
    The Sims 3 + Starter Pack (& OST)

    All are on Origin, but [Highlight]the highlighted ones[/Highlight] are on Steam as well.
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    Got for Mirrors edge and Crysis 2.
    (Maybe Battlefield 3 too if I somehow magically get HDD space)
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    Anybody has free keys for Sims or Battlefield please feel free to share :)
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    Wow. Deadspace 3 for real cheap. Too bad it's on Oridong. So I will not play it. They should have added Dead Space 2 instead.
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    Again with the Oridong. At least Oridick has the right vowel sounds
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    I prefer "EA's massive dripping hairy cock", but I suppose that could refer to other stuff.
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    LuigiHann wrote: »
    Again with the Oridong. At least Oridick has the right vowel sounds

    Everyone uses what he or she is comfortable with. I use Oridong when I talk about this program. You use whatever you feel like.
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    You're killing me here, EA. $4.55 got me a bunch of OK to pretty good games, and Dead Space 3, but I will never be able to play some of them because you refuse to play nice with Steam, or allow me to opt out of Origin's data-mining policies. Well, at least you had the good sense to put Crysis 2 back on Steam. Maybe this is leading into a big announcement of them putting full and complete games back on Steam, and anyone who already bought the bundle gets free Steam codes for all of the stuff that isn't on Steam right now. And then maybe I can get around the city on a flying pig, because I'm clearly fooling myself into thinking EA cares about their customers and what they want.
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