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400 Days Character that will die the worst death

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Im sure a few of the 400 Days characters will die, some more gruesome than others ( feel free to share some opinions ) I think Wyatt or bonnie will have the worst death for some reason, we can all judge when season 2 is over next year. Hopefully i wont miss out a character when typing up the poll

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  • deep.rock;826943 said:
    Christa. I predict there will be a tragic scene with her and her baby
    eww mabey she will get eaten during child birth.........
  • Well I can very sadly say without question that one of those two are going to die this season, maybe both who knows, but Christa and Omid will not be walking out into the sunset alive by the end.
  • no doubt Christa and/or Omid will die. they were extremely lucky in season 1to survive, no way that luck is going to last.:( I really like them too, which means they'll definitely die.
  • I don't think it's so much that they were lucky, but that they showed up late to the tragedy. They don't appear until the halfway point of the game, while the majority of the original group, everyone from Macon, had already been killed or had otherwise left by that point. Their time will run out come Season 2, as surely as Katjaa's, Ben's, Lee's, and all the others did.
  • I know, anyone find it somehow funny that even after watching 3 seasons of the show, 112 issues of the comics, and all six Episodes of the game that I still get attached to the characters, even though I know they will die.
  • Well, Omid was definitely lucky to survive episode 4. You're right, they are so going to die...:(
  • I was so sure he was going to be dead when we came back, so when he was starting to move I thought he was coming back, boy Telltale knows how to troll well, maybe to well.
  • Yeah I thought Omid was gonna turn when he started moving.
  • I am happy they kept him alive, I mean would never have heard the amazing cripplefight joke, or talking the Dixon Kent the 3.
  • "You ruined that dudes face"
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