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Which characters will become problematic for the group in Season 2?

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Who do you think will/won't get along? and who could possibly become the new ben out of the survivors?
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  • Becca and Russell for sure. Maybe Bonnie if you had her lie. Eddie could also be problematic aswell (the dude does kill 2 people and determinantly leaves another one behind in the span of 20 minutes). Nate, for sure. If Shel left Roman behind, he could still be very mad at her.
  • Dildor;828038 said:
    0it would be possible to top Ben's performance in season 1.[/B]
    I dunno, but Eddie does seem to be a bit Ben-like, you know, with him killing Nate's friend, then hitting the cop on the road. And then him leaving Wyatt behind depending on your choice.
  • Walker Ben finds his way to Tavia's community, also bringing the herd from Savannah with him. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Becca or Russell. I don't think either of them will be as stupid as Ben but Becca acts all tough then proves she's all talk if you let her shoot Stephanie and Russell has serious trust issues.

    I don't think Becca or Rusell will get along with Bonnie. They already seem to have taken a disliking to her and I can see them both being the first to be accuse Bonnie if medical supplies went missing, just because of her past.
    It's for this reason though I think Bonnie will outlive everyone else. :D She's already proven she can defend herself whereas Becca chickens out and Russell runs away.
  • Rock114;828061 said:
    Walker Ben finds his way to Tavia's community, also bringing the herd from Savannah with him. Hilarity Ensues.
    Just thought about the most ironic death ever: Kenny is in Tavia's community and, if you dropped Ben, he gets bitten by walker Ben :D
  • Becca is a problematic kid who thinks she's smart.
    Bonnie is too naive.
    Russell has serious trust issues.

    So yeah, I don't know. Probably these three.
  • I have to agree, there are some people that might cause trouble, but there is no way in hell they can top Ben the destroyer, and I have to agree that if walker Ben gets Kenny killed then I am not sure if I would laugh or cry.
  • Russell will argue with you and be a distrustful jerk but he doesn't seem like he'd do anything rash or stupid. He'll basically be like a worse Christa. Becca has proven that she will do stupid things and be a jerkass to everyone else. Bonnie in my game was honest but she still might cause trouble by being too trusting or falling back into her drug habit. Wyatt and Vince both seem pretty stable but I guess we'll have to see. And Tavia seems like she's trust-worthy but we all know that that community of hers can't be as great as she makes it out to be.
  • I really like'd Russel but I'm guessing that he'll be the source of a lot of conflict ESPECIALLY if you convinced him to go to the settlement just cause he has a major lack of trust in others.
  • depending on your choices Shell

    One of her choice could get Romana after you
    The other choice she doesnt have much humanity and her kid a lunatic.
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