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Why would Tavia be Evil?

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People are saying things like "I don't trust Tavia" (Because she's urban)
and it gets me thinking. She's welcoming these people to her settlement, why would she have malevolent intentions? Could this be a Saw type of thing where she wants to play a "game" with the survivors? Or could she secretly have something against one of the survivors?:confused:
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  • Oh man, I have no clue. I personally like Tavia but who knows, we'll just have to wait and see. By the way, awesome username.
  • Oprah has a kind heart
  • You can't trust anyone. Remember how the St. Johns turned out for Lee and Co? For all we actually DO know, she could be part of a cult that's gathering people to make blood sacrifices to her Cult Leader/Master/Evil Force of choice. Granted, it's probably not that extreme, but until we get more info on what she actually intends to do, those who went with her (and even those who stayed at camp) should keep their guard up.
  • I hope they don't make Tavia another cannibal. That would just feel repetitive.
  • tavia is trustworthy. but I'm thinking maybe that guy she talked to on the radio or some other survivor in that group will be a problem
  • Maybe it's like Woobury. The leader is evil while the rest of the community thinks he's a good person.
  • I am not sure about anything, the way she talked about Statesburo sounded like she was lying.
  • Tavia's voice, personality, and character says that she is a good person besides what harm can she do eat someone? It is the rest of the town you should be scared of.
  • She may be good

    it be nice that SOME people you meet dont turn out to be insane rapist.
  • I'm not sure what she would have to gain, but mistrust is to be expected. Though I doubt we'll see a rehash of the St. John's ploy, I imagine it will turn out to be another too good to be true deal.

    In that sense, I doubt Tavia is just rounding up wayward people to kill them. It's the idea of this safe haven of hers lasting long that I have doubt in. For all we know, they let someone like Nate in while trying to help survivors.
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