Your favorite non-verbal/silent moments

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The moments when much is said with a little bit of animation, or when you notice a really good use of the camera, or when Clementine is just being plain adorable.

The entire burying of the boy in the attic, for example, is a great use of silence and meaning, with Lee looking at Clem and back at the boy, signifying his fear that it may one day be her grave he must fill.

A use of the camera I enjoy is when it zooms into the oncoming train when Kenny stops it from hitting the semi, and it stops on Kenny's face through the broken window, signifying that he is indeed broken on the inside after everything he's gone through. My interpretation, anyway. Other than that, it's just a cool shot.

The moment where Lee and Kenny walk to the clearing where they think Katjaa has taken care of Duck, and Lee looks up to see the bird flying overhead. My sister says it symbolizes Katjaa's spirit being freed, which I like very much, but I also feel it signifies the wish for freedom that Lee undoubtedly has at this point. A wish to be free of all the horrible things he and the group have gone through, contrasted with the reality that he has no choice but to walk forward to yet another horrible occurrence, one after another.

A small moment that I've grown to love is Carley's sad shaking of her head while everyone else looks horror-struck when Lee kicks Andy into the electric fence. I feel it's most dramatic when I've been playing Lee as a killer up until this point. To me, it communicates a sense of failure, as she has been the sole voice of comfort for Lee regarding his past up until this point, and is thus the only one who really wants to see him escape the demons of his past. So to see her disappointed and saddened by his actions gives the feeling that there may be no going back any longer for Lee.

And for some more positive examples, some Clementine moments. My sister loves what she calls, "the side eyes". When Lee is opening the door to see her discovery of the boat, Clementine turns her head slightly while still looking at the shed, making her look like this >_> but with a smile. :) Two moments I enjoy are Clementine's eyes moving up and down the cane of Lee's father as she asks "What's that?", and when she smiles and looks down slightly when Lee says he knows her parents are good because they raised her.

*sigh* Didn't expect it to go on so long, but I couldn't stop writing once I started thinking about all the moments I like, and there are still some I haven't mentioned. I'd like to hear more examples from you guys, or just give your thoughts and own interpretations on the ones I selected. Looking forward to reading more.


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    Nate: Just stop being a pussy.
    Russell: ...
    Nate: Fine, KEEP being a pussy.

    Edit: oops i read this wrong, I thought you meant your favorite silent protagonist moment.

    My favorite piece of camerawork was always that shot at the end of episode 1 where lily says, "You know guys I think it's going to be okay." And then all the lights go out and you can see clementine running towards lee, I thought that was adorable.
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    "Any tail back where you came from? Maybe drop you off and do a double-back?" The way Russell looks at him silently is pretty golden.

    As for moments of silence that you can induce, I like being silent when Clementine asks if they'll have time to look for her parents. Lee just looks sadly at her and she immediately understands what he means and breaks down. Being able to communicate those kinds of emotions without words makes them seem really close.
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    As soon as Lee opened the shed door, found the boat, and Kenny saw it. Lee, Clem, and Kenny then silently bask at the boat.

    The happiest moment in the game. Didn't even need to use dialogue.
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    I agree, burying the zombie kid was also a great scene, so much emotion without saying a word.
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    During the scene in which you get separated from Christa and Omid in Episode 5, most players hash out a plan with them (i.e. meet by the train, get to the countryside, etc.). If you remain silent, however, Lee gives them both this crazy intense stare and jumps down into the herd to make his way to the Marsh house. This seems much more heroic and bold than desperately trying to make plans with two characters Lee would never see again.

    In Episode 2 after Kenny tells you to get the barn doors open, he lingers in the barn giving you this look that says "I've got your back if something goes down". That moment just really got me geared up and anxious to get off the St. John's Dairy, and very thankful that I had an ally in Kenny at that point.

    And any silent moment in Russell's story.
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    There is some really good Silent Lee options, but Silent Russel is just plain awkward and hilarious.
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    Nate scratching. It gets me every time. I don't know why.
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    Nate and Silent Russel is probably one of the funniest things in TWD.
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    Kenny and Lee and Clementine looking at the boat they discovered in the shed (so much for Molly searching the place :p) Kenny dropped the bottle and finally found his purpose again, it was a happy moment to bring them out of the bad times.

    The kid in the attic (Fivel) Kenny on his knees and the light from the small window shinning down on him, it reminded me of how much Kenny had been threw.

    Burying Fivel was also a good moment, the dark clouds, the endless silence, it was very depressing and the stranger standing outside was a real surprise and made my heart skip a beat when the music suddenly changed.
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    The best silence one,
    Eddie:"road's straight as my dick"
    Eddie:"are you still thinking about my dick?"
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    400 Days had the best silent moments, the main game has some great one still though.
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    I was going to make a thread like this but you beat me too it. Im always too tempted to say something to just remain silent.
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