Did Carley/Doug know about the bandit deal?

I have a theory that Carley or Doug (depending on who you saved) knew about Ben's secret deal with the Save Lots Bandits. Both characters stick up for Ben after the escape from the Motor Inn, even stating that they didn't care who was responsible. Carley also gets a very strange look on her face whenever you confront her about the flashlight, as she was thinking "Oh shit, now Lee is onto him".

Seeing as how Carley was already a mediator for the group in a way (knowing about Lee's past, keeping it a secret to help him overcome his past), I think it would be reasonable to suggest that she finds out about Ben but encourages him to keep it to himself or to figure out a way to come clean himself. Same deal with Doug, he seems like a brotherly figure to Ben and I think he would rather try and help guide Ben than sell him out to Lilly ("The She-Devil").

What do you guys think? Has anyone else ever considered this or am I grasping at straws?


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    It's a good theory, and it's compatible with the story. But we will never know.
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    Thanks, and yes the eerie part is that Carley/Doug died shortly after the deal was discovered, and Ben is dead too. We will never truly know.
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    This is why I thought Doug was making the the deal. How he was so aggressive in defending Ben which isn't his usual attitude. No matter what you say Doug defends Ben to the end and even took a bullet for him, this is what made me think it was Doug. He was such a good and honest guy. If he made the deal he would try and protect someone who's falsely accused to the end.

    In my playthrough all signs pointed to Doug until Ben confessed and made me like Doug even more knowing he wasn't the traitor but still gave his life to protect Ben.

    RIP Doug.
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    I don't know. Carley did act suspicious when confronted with the flashlight, but it could have also just been awkward humor. I'm not sure about Doug, haven't had a playthrough where he lives, but I think if Carley had found out, she would have told Lee at least, and the two of them would have decided how best to handle this situation. I mean, just because she's keeping Lee's secret (which is barely of importance), doesn't mean she'd be willing to keep such a risky deal a secret as well. She's clever enough to understand what would happen if it goes sideways. Besides, she even encourages you to look into the missing supplies, so it can't be she's hoping you won't find out.
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    They didn't know about this,they were suprised as Lilly.
    but Ben and Maybelle knew.
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    I don't think that anyone but Ben knew. Carley just got fed up with Lilly's with hunt, while Doug genuinely believed that Ben didn't do it.
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    When Ben finally confesses to Lee and later Kenny, he never mentions anything like, "Carley even knew about it!" which would be beneficial knowing that Lee was close to her. She's dead and Lilly is gone so he doesn't need to worry about protecting her from blame. Maybe Carley just didn't care as much at that time about the deal with the bandits, the same way Kenny and Katjaa didn't really care either.

    As far as defending Ben, I think it had more to do with Carley believing in him being innocent, or thinking that Lilly was just crazy. Actually it is possible Carley realized that maybe Ben was likely responsible, but took pity on him being a kid and wanted Lilly to just drop it since she was overreacting.
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