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I'd rather wait longer for season 2 and actually have control over the story.

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The Walking Dead game series has huge potential, but it pains me to see such a great storytelling platform wasted on linear narratives, I want my choices to actually alter what happens in the game, otherwise: what's the point?

The game makes a point to tell us that our choices matter, this is the reason I bought the game - but when the ending and characters pretty much stay the same; I feel like i've been ripped off.

It's simple as that, and the 400 days episode did nothing to get my hopes up for season 2: I chose not to get into the car, the car drives off as zombies overwhelm me, then it reverses, leaving me no choice but to get in and continue with the set story?

Quit wasting time on these useless situations which lead nowhere, why not just have periods of linear gameplay, split up by around 3 situations each episode which drastically affect the environment and characters?

Or keep the same linear gameplay, but half-way through the series allow players to make a choice between 3 paths to take, then depending on our attitudes to the characters we take those paths with, depends on who deceives us; leading to 6 different endings in total.

You guys have the power to change gaming for the better, you're on a huge platform now and the industry needs change; or else we will all truly become the walking dead.
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  • I support having control over the story as long as it doesn't limit how well they can show it. And I wouldn't mind having one ending as long as it doesn't jar with the character and how I chose to play them, which doesn't mean they have to write 6 different endings in order to avoid what happened in season 1 where it felt a bit like the stranger only barely tied in with the timeline of events if you had decided to play someone who focused on protecting clementine and chose to be as moral as possible for the entire game.

    Usually I don't think lots of different endings pan out too well because not all of the endings are going to be nearly as good as the one that was executed better than all of them. My vote would be to not go with either of those ideas and instead focus on having dialogue, difficulty and the relationship you have with characters reflect the decisions you made better than they did in season one, but stick to making episodes that don't tear into shorter parts, because if they did it would encourage you to play each episode several times rather than in one go.

    I'd prefer playing a game with focus on one major chain of events with as much thought put into them as possible.
  • forgot a third option..don't care as it'll be awesome what ever they do.

    Also 'welcome to the forums'
  • 'welcome the forums' but it's 400 days not 300.

    Thanks Milo, got stuck in the moment..
  • Been preaching for months, nice to see someone feels the same.

    Hopefully TT reads this!
  • The thing is telltale never said the game would have multiple endings they said in an interview the ending was set.

    But the game still has choices that change stuff, this argument has gone on for years since ep1.

    People mis read/ missunderstand or make a judgment, with out facts or assume.

    There is talk about season 2/ fables the wolf among us having more choice's affecting the game in a deeper more long reaching way.
  • Thing is, while I would like for my choices to TRULY matter and bring the story to different conclusions, it would impact Telltale's ability to make sequels. For instance, we know Clementine is probably going to be important in Season 2, hence why she had to survive Season 1, no matter our choices. Same formula must apply in Season 2, if there's ever going to be a Season 3.

    I would, in this case, choose the middle ground- let Telltale draw the main story in a linear way, and eventually come to the same conclusion, like Season 1. If it helps them deliver a better narrative, so be it. But I would like for the character-related choices to carry more weight. If they can make it so our choices affect our group's composition throughout the game, I'll be a happy man. That means more Doug/Carley and drop/pull Ben up decisions. Make us actually have a say in who lives and dies, not just an illusion of choice.
  • I was expecting Crawford to be some kind of Mass Effect 2 suicide mission. ANYBODY could die. And if they do, it's your fault. D:<
    But, no, the only person that you can control dying or living is Molly. :I Oh, well. :D
  • If they keep the story good, having control over it it's always better.
  • I want to have more control,like a split path sometimes,where doing one thong may take you somewhere else for example,like maybe,you and a couple of other people are out scavenging or hunting or both,and you decide to split up,you can choose which way you go and one way might lead you to a cabin where some bandits are hiding out,while the other will lead you to something else like a make-shift military camp or something with soldiers camping out,sorry those are bad examples but something like that,but I don't want control over the ending,I would rather we have one ending,but a lot of split path type choices,if you know what I mean.
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