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Which location among the 5 episodes had the most eerie feel to it, before you find out its safe or a death trap?

Mine would be that House in episode 4 before we find the attic boy. I just knew somebody was going to get bitten. And then after checking the 3 doors to find nothing I was relieved. Until the stranger scared the crap out of me in the backyard that is.
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  • Me to, other parts of the game were creepy but when it hits Savannah it takes that notch up a bit.
  • Crawford mainly because of the eerie background music
  • I think the only creepy place in the game (for me) was Crawford. That music... @_@
  • the railroad tracks,just the sense of dread that filled the group,there was no energetic little boy running about (poor duck),everyone was losing it,it felt tense around the train.
  • I have never seen a reviewer mention how good the atmosphere was in some areas.
  • Lol my 1st reaction to the sewers was, "Ok, it looks creepy as hell in here, but I highly doubt theres any walkers" turns corner "HOLY S#!T"

    Only the second time I died in the game cause I shot the walker and then couldn't figure out how to get into Vernons place. Good Heart pounding times.
  • The farm during the storm.

    Savannah in general. And little things like all that hanging moss on the trees (Google says it's Spanish Moss, so I've learnt something). We don't have that around here. IDK, it just looked beautifully eerie around the mansion (and River Street).
  • Yes, I guessed that other then Molly, Crawford and Vernon, there was not a living soul in Savannah, I am willing to guess that the military evacuated fast, like day two fast, Savannah is really interesting, I wish it was in the Walking Dead world more then just the game.
  • The St. John's Dairy and surrounding woodlands were creepy, especially when you sneak upstairs and comment on the approaching storm. I can't help but think of the history behind that place and who the brothers had previously butchered. Super eerie place...

    Crawford was creepy with the music and the vibes that children had been killed here. This, along with the fact that I didn't really trust anyone there besides Kenny made me more than a bit on edge.
  • The meat locker had me pause the game and think that everyone could be eaten for 4 minutes.
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