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Walking Dead Game Comedy Show

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With the help of my forum friends , i decided to make a part two of my " 400 days comedy show " " Walking Dead Game Comedy Show " .
Here are the 12 sketches :
" The Urban Family " - Lee , Clementine and Carley .
" Kenny's Adventures of Boats and Ducks " - Kenny , Katjaa and Duck .
" The Incredible Asshole and his Incredible She-Bitch Daughter and her boyfriend " Larry , Lilly and Mark .
" The MacGyver of Macon " - Doug .
" The Unlucky Kids " - Ben and Travis .
" Cancer hits when you don't suspect " - Vernon and his crew .
" The Tarzan of Savannah " - Molly .
" The Magical Hobo " - Chuck .
" The Save-Lots Punks " - The Bandits .
" The Innocent St John Family " The St Johns
" A man and His Missing Station Wagon " - Campman
" The Funny Guy , The Pregnant Girlfriend and The Cat " - Omid , Christa and their cat .
And that's it .
Which sketch would be the best ?
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  • You need at least two Episodes for each new show, it really is entertaining to read.
  • Now I am gonna make fan fic based on your ideas master psychic on the Kenny's adventure of Boats and Ducks
  • Why not, it all sounds good, by the way if NBC had all these shows then they would be not in such a bad spot.
  • If all of these were shows... My life would be 1/3 complete.
  • "The Incredible Asshole and his Incredible She-Bitch Daughter and her boyfriend" .
    " Cinema Drama " .
    Mark takes Lilly to the cinema to watch some war movies and Larry comes with them because he wants to make sure Mark won't push his luck with Lilly and they go . At the Cinema , when some soldiers die in the movie , Larry yells at the screen and people are telling him to shut up but when he tells people to shut up , a man with tourettes syndrome snaps :
    Man with Tourettes: Fuck you asshole you're a dick !
    Larry: What the fuck did you call me ?
    Man with Tourettes: You're a faggot !
    Lilly: Watch it asshole , that's my dad !
    Man with Tourettes: Who gives a shit about your dad !
    Lilly: You son of a bitch !
    Man with Tourettes: You're a bitch !
    Larry: What did you say you fucker !
    Man with Tourettes: I called her a bitch right in front of her tits !
    Mark: Hey buddy , that's my girlfriend !
    Man with Tourettes: I wouldn't fuck her with your dick .
    Lilly: I bet you couldn't fuck a ox .
    Man with Tourettes: Fuck you !
    Lilly: Fuck you !
    Man with Tourettes: Fuck you !
    Lilly: FUCK YOU !
    Man with Tourettes: I said fuck you first so FUCK YOU !
    Larry: Listen douchebag , you are going to get your ass handed to you .
    Man with Tourettes: Fuck you !
    Larry: Well Fuck you !
    Man with Tourettes: Fuck you !
    Larry: FUCK YOU !
    This causes Larry to beat up the man with tourettes and Lilly helps him at the beating and Mark just stays out of this and the manager kicks out Larry , Lilly and Mark and Larry blames Mark for bringing them to the cinema .
    And the episode ends .
    ( Yes the guy with the tourettes is the Tourettes Guy from Youtube ) .
    "The MacGyver of Macon "
    " The Robot of Disaster " .
    Doug builds a robot called Jeremy and he build him so than he can build houses for poor people . Jeremy managed to build 20 houses for poor people and Doug gets famous for that .
    One night , before Doug goes to sleep , he accidently pressed the " Abusive " button and when he goes to sleep , Jeremy's eyes turn red .
    At morning , Jeremy is trashing Doug's house and when Doug tries to reason with him , Jeremy insults him like this :
    Jeremy: F.Y.M.F ( Fuck You Mother Fucker) .
    And then Jeremy escapes and creates havoc in town . Doug gets his remote and presses the self-destruct button and Jeremy blows up and people get angry at Doug for Jeremy destroying the town but Doug says " Well you know what they say . A little disaster brings you to succes " .
    And the episode ends .
  • Hey Bio , i followed your advice about making two episodes as you see . Hope this makes you feel much better after the argument with Olga .
  • Reading the stuff you read is always fun, thanks.
  • the urban family
    Clementine:dad i picked a lock
    Lee:good job sweetie lets pick a lock to celebrate
    Carley:yeah let's pick a lock
  • 'The Unlucky Kids' (hope you don't mind me doing this master psychic) 'Camping Trip'
    Travis: Ben how long have you had the map upside down?!
    Ben: I don't know
    Travis: Goddammit Ben! How are we going to catch up with the group now?
    Ben: I don't see why the collage arranged this stupid camping trip anyway, what are we 3rd graders or something
    Travis: Well you are
    Ben: ........Shut up
    Travis: Here give me the map, I'll find the way.
    Ben: Are you sure?
    Travis: Yeah, my dads in special forces.
    Ben: Is that your answer to everything?
    Travis: ........Maybe, it's how I win the ladies
    Ben: I don't see many girls chasing after you
    Travis: Don't see any chasing after you either
    Ben: It's your fault we're lost anyway, you wanting to look at some, 'fascinating' trees, they didn't look 'fascinating' to me
    Travis: I just wanted to take a picture of the scenery
    Ben: Well it's getting dark and we're stuck in the middle of no where, with no food, no water, nothing!
    Travis: Geez, stop worrying, Shaggy
    Ben: Don't call me that, you know how much it annoys me
    Travis: What's wrong Shaggy, Scooby Doo not here to protect you
    *rustling from the bushes*
    Ben: What was that?!
    Travis: Probably just the wind
    *A shadow comes out of the darkness*
    Ben: Oh sh*t run
    Travis: Leg it
    *the two run off screaming*
    *Ben trips*
    Travis: Goddammit Ben get up!
    *camera focuses on the mysterious figure who turns out to be Chuck*
    Chuck: I just wanted to offer them some candy

    The End

    Did you like it master psychic?
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