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If Vince and Wyatt fall in love with Shel and Bonnie

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So if Vince and Wyatt would fell in love with Shel and Bonnie which couples would you ship ?
VincexShel and WyattxBonnie
VincexBonnie and WyattxShel
If it was possible with Lee and Carley , why not them ?
So which couple would you ship ?
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  • Vince and Bonnie. I wouldn't wish Becca as a "sister-in-law" on anyone like Vince. Not that I wish her on poor Wyatt either I suppose.

    IDK, the idea of Vince and Shel makes me flinch for some reason. Too wooden.

    Ultimately, I hope there's no lovey dovey stuff between anyone. Just, no.

    Edit: Unfinished.
  • Wyatt x Bonnie could be quite cute but I don't like Vince x Shel so..
  • If I had to decide, I would choose VincexShel and WyattxBonnie. I thought about it in my head, and I think they go together real nicely. ;)
  • Bonnie needs a daddy, not youngster.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;830426 said:
    Why did you have to shoot Eddie, why not make it Roman or Clive or anyone else, Eddie just wanted to Tom Cruise out of there.
    It should have been Joyce.

    RIP Eddie 2013-2013
  • I would NEVER ship Wyatt with Shel..... Or any girl.... I don't think Wyatt has girlfriends, Eddie always takes them by tricking him into playing RPS.
  • I really don`t understand why everyone like Wyatt so much. He is so...usual. And his story in 400 days is the weakest in my opinion.
  • I don't think Shel wants anyone honestly; actually all but Bonnie show no signs at all of being that way with each other.

    I say Bonnie as if you get Vince to come along as he says "yeah I'm going" Bonnie gives him a sideward smile that shows she's happy their staying together :o
  • tough choice, maybe a game of rock, paper, scissors would solve the problem, but vince and shel are both sort of up tight and sensible, and even though wyatt seems sensible he must have a wild side and i bet bonnie does to, so wyatt+bonnie and vince+shel
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