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Was it ever confirmed how Clementine came to be at the Marsh house?

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I was under the assumption that she was lured to the Marsh house the way a pedo predator lures their victims over the internet by gaining their trust and making plans to meet. I thought that he told her to come to him at the marsh house based on the radio transmission in ep 3 when he said he can’t wait till Clementine gets to Savannah and that she should come to him if Lee wants her to or not. What do you guys think? Did he wait outside the manor and grab her or did he manipulate her so she walked into his trap like a spider does to a fly with it's web?

I know a lot of people have said she was grabbed and that is why she dropped the hat and the radio but the hat was dropped in the garden and the radio was on the street. I don't think the camp man was ever in the garden as that would have risked him being killed by the 4/5 adults with guns, and if he wanted to take her by force why didn't he take her when she was left alone in the house when players chose not to take her to Crawford?

I thought she dropped her hat in her haste to meet up with her parents at the marsh house and dropped the radio running from the walker that later bit Lee. The reason I thought she ran away as opposed to be taken was the fact that she apologised when Lee saved her. Why would she be apologising for being kidnapped? She had already squared things with Lee and Christa about keeping the secret of the working radio and the stranger she was talking to.
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  • I think it's better left a mystery seeing as different people played different ways.

    My first playthrough I kept putting Clem down in Episode 4 so I felt like I pushed her away into the arms of an unsafe stranger.

    My second playthrough I was nicer and it felt like she was kidnapped
  • I think Clem would have apologized regardless of whether she got taken after she wandered outside or walked to the Marsh House herself. Either way, she let her naiveté get the better of her and trusted the voice on the radio over Lee. It doesn't have to be entirely her fault for her to feel like it was. However, I think it’s more likely for her to have been snatched up by the Stranger outside of the house rather than going to the hotel to meet him. I know she wandered off pretty far before but that was to look for Lee, not move away from him. Granted, she was under a lot of stress then but I still just can’t see her walking all the way to the Marsh House just because the Stranger told her to. She could be convinced to just wander outside to meet him though. The Stranger really doesn’t seem to have a problem putting himself in dangerous situations if it means getting closer to his ultimate goal, so him being in the garden isn’t that much of a stretch to me. But most importantly, though, no matter how much of a rush she was in, Clem wouldn’t just leave her hat and walkie-talkie behind.
  • I guessed she snuck out to go find her parents and was grabbed outside the house. The stranger would have held a gun to her head or threatened to kill Lee if she screamed or cried for help (this would explain why she goes silent immediately at the hotel when he asks her to with that weird inflection) so she slyly dropped her hat as a sign that she'd been taken.
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